Rainbow Six Siege: 8 Tips For Playing As Grim

Playing As Grim

Rainbow Six Siege has grown tremendously into one of the most popular shooter games. Witnessing the popularity, Ubisoft, developers of the game, have come up with Season 3 Year 7 with a new operator named ‘Grim.’

Experts have praised the new operator’s character design, his gadget, and how he can help players clear out defenders’ anchor positions. However, being a tactical shooter, he is a very competitive operator. 

Even a minor mistake with him can prove disastrous for you as a player. Thus, it is advisable to get detailed tips on how to play the game as a grim. In addition, you can also take help from powerful r6 cheats offered by reputed gaming websites.

Excellent Tips To Play Rainbow Six Seige as a Grim

Here are some relevant tips for playing the game of Rainbow Six Seige as one of the latest operators named Grim.

1. Learn About the Basics of Grim

Grim is the new game operator, and his basic loadout includes SG-CQB Shotgun, Breach Charge, 522 Commando Assault Rifle, and P229 Handgun. Also, players can get the advantage of the Kawan Give Launcher used by Grim for launching a hive of nanobot bees. 

The hive of bees can stick to different surfaces, making it easier for Grim to plant his wish on walls, floors, and even ceilings.

Once the enemy operator steps inside the area covered by the hive, his location gets pinged continuously. 

2. Pair Grim with similar operators

Per experts, pairing Grim with similar operators, such as Lion, will immensely help the players up their game. Moreover, using two operators with similar properties always makes detecting enemies easier. And easy detection implies easier defeats!

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While Lion can detect all kinds of enemies through any movement they make, Grim can set effective traps for the enemy. 

3. Make Efforts to Target Slow Moving Targets

Though the Kawan Give Launcher can work effectively against any enemy, it works best against moving targets. With these targets, you can easily see the pings and aim your shots accurately. Many experts advise you to use this strategy often when playing the game as Grim.

4. Gun Attacks Cannot Destroy Hive Canisters Easily

The best aspect of hive canisters is that a gun or melee attack cannot destroy them quickly. However, grenade attacks can hurt these canisters, implying that a canister close to the enemy operator cannot be destroyed easily. 

5. 522 Commando Assault Rifle is the Most Powerful

One of the most potent weapons used by Grim is the 522 Commando assault rifle; though the SG-CQB shotgun is renowned as a potent weapon, the 522 Commando rifle is considered the most reliable by the experts. 

A faster reloading speed and the power to inflict the most significant damage to individual opponents are some of the benefits of the 522 Commando rifle. 

6. Grenades can be Problematic for Grim

Grenades can be intensely problematic against Grim and can quickly destroy the hive canisters even before they can activate. However, one needs to be careful against impact grenades that work effectively against Grim’s gadgets. 

Thus, try to hide your hive canisters from your enemies if you are doubtful about them using grenades. 

7. Jackal is a Better Pair With Grim

Similar to Lion, another operator that works well with Grim is Jackal. The operator’s best ability is to track your enemy’s footsteps. Experts say you can easily dominate any enemy team with Grim and Jackal working together. 

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8. Save Yourself From Bandit and Kaid

Two operators from which you need to beware of are Bandit and Kaid. Both these operators possess the ability to electrocute walls with the help of metal barriers. Thus, being a Grim, you must ensure those hive canisters are not deployed near these electrocuted walls. 

The reason is that electricity generated from the walls can quickly destroy the hives even before deployment. 

Final Words

Grim is a strong operator that can cause immense damage to enemies if used appropriately. The new operator is endowed with many amazing abilities that can bring a touch of excitement to the game. 

The need remains to get proper knowledge about how to use these abilities and in what scenarios. Happy playing!


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