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Scream 5: The American Slasher Film Will Return Soon For The Fans

The plot of Scream 5 is unknown, but it can be expected to have the same plot as the previous films in the series. The cast includes Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox Arquette, and David Arquette. It was directed by Wes Craven and written by Kevin Williamson. It will be released on DVD on January 6th, 2011. Reviews are generally positive with a rating of 7 out of 10 stars from IMDB users at this point in time. Expectations are also high for this film since it is the fifth installment in one of horror’s most popular franchises!

About Scream 5:

Scream plot is the story of Sidney Prescott, a high school student in Woodsboro who becomes targeted by a mysterious killer known as Ghostface. The plot unfolds while being told through several point-of-view characters’ narratives until it finally reveals that Sidney’s mother was murdered and she herself almost killed at the hands of an unknown assailant – who is revealed to be her boyfriend Billy Loomis.

Release Date of Scream 5:

The release date for the 5th part of Scream has not been announced yet, but it is expected to be on screens in 2022.

Production updates of Scream 5:

The plot of the production is currently unknown, but given the success and popularity of previous parts, it can be expected that there will be a grand budget with high-profile actors in main roles.

Fifth Scream film receives official title, shooting wraps | Entertainment  News,The Indian Express
Source: The Indian Express.com


The filming for this production will take place in North Carolina and is expected to last from September 2021 until March 2022.


Not only are the previous films in the Scream franchise popular with audiences, but they have also received numerous awards. The first film was nominated for two Golden Globe Awards and won six MTV Movie Awards out of twelve nominations.


2021 revenue is expected to be high given how iconic the plot has been since 1996. If previous parts are anything to go by, this film will have extremely high revenue, primarily from box office takings.

The Plot:

In the plot, a masked serial killer targets high school students in North Carolina. The teens begin to receive terrifying phone calls from an unknown person who claims that he knows everything about them and begins to play twisted games with them while the police investigate a series of murders. As more victims fall prey, long-kept secrets start being revealed.

The plot of Scream has received a lot of praise from moviegoers, critics, and even other film directors such as Brian Singer who had this to say about the plot: “In terms of plot structure or writing style, I am always influenced by two movies in particular which are ‘Rear Window’ and ‘Scream.’ I like the fact that [Wes Craven] managed to accomplish what he did in Scream without much violence or gore.”


Most critics gave it either four or five stars while very few others rated it higher than that. On Rotten Tomatoes, Scream has an overall rating of 80% Fresh based on the reviews submitted by critics.


Given how iconic the Scream plot has been for almost 30 years now across several mediums (movies, video games), reviews are almost guaranteed to be positive. Every critical review was positive except for one. Reviews have been overwhelmingly positive with critics praising the plot, cast, and production of the movie.


Given the plot is unknown, it can only be speculated that Scream will continue with its high-profile actors and plot twists in order to keep audiences hooked on watching for at least five more years. Scream is a film that has had high expectations since its release. After the critical and financial success of the first three films, it was no surprise when Scream received an early renewal for a fourth installment in 2011. Even with this news, many were still curious as to how long Craven would continue creating these plot-twisting stories.

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