So Far, The Best TV Shows of 2022

TV Shows

Although 2022 is only a few months old, there are already several new TV shows that have captured the attention of viewers. With all of the streaming services like Netflix, Sling TV, Amazon, HBO, and Dish TV to name a few that are available, and people spending more time at home, TV is a part of the daily life of many households. While there are numerous new shows, there are some that are considered better than others and should at least be given a chance when searching for something to watch. As the year progresses, there will likely be more shows added to the list, but the following are some to get you started.


If you like science fiction, then this is a show that you’re going to want to view. Lumon Industries is a company that is basically forcing employees to cut ties with their work and home lives. The show delivers points about why these different environments should stay separate while also showing what can be lost if they are combined.

“Abbott Elementary”

This is a mockumentary about a day in the life of teachers and students. There are teachers to who most viewers can relate as they likely had one while they were in school. You can see the genuine conversations that are held and how teachers interact with all types of students. Some teachers are street-smart while others are known for their higher education. There are also teachers who tend to be a little too close to the administration and those that cater their day to the students.


A group of three best friends loses one of their own. While they are at her funeral, they make a pact that they won’t waste time any longer. One decides to work at a grocery store after being a surgeon. Another begins devoting time to her family instead of working so much while the other makes a move on her fitness instructor. Although there are a lot of changes and fast-paced action in the show, it’s one that’s also filled with comedy. The show depicts how friendships can be real in all aspects and a bond that can’t be broken.

“Grand Crew”

This is a comedy about a group of black friends who enjoy time at a wine bar while talking about what’s going on in their lives. One of the details that can keep you involved with the show is that each character is clearly developed. Each person has their own personality, and it only progresses as the season winds through to the end.

“The Righteous Gemstones”

If you enjoyed the first season of the show, then you’ll enjoy that the second season expands on the comedy of American families. There are storylines involving professional wrestling and what goes on in megachurches. It also discusses how parents sometimes mess up and fail their children, forcing them to take their own direction in life and reach their own goals.

“All Creatures Great And Small”

A show that is set in the world of veterinary medicine, the characters begin to explore what they want from life in the second season of the show. It’s a show filled with love and compassion for family members, friends, and animals. The show is set at a time when World War II is right around the corner and demonstrates ways that people can really make a difference for someone else.


A group of girls is stranded after their plane crashes. They are all tasked with trying to cope with what happened while maintaining their friendships. Someone begins blackmailing them about what they did when they were in the woods after the crash. This is a supernatural show that demands attention due to the multiple storylines, but it’s worth watching if you enjoy a good mystery. 

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