Spanish Crime Series “Hache” Season 3 – Latest Updates

hache season 3

Hache is a Spanish crime series that premiered on Netflix on 1st November 2019. This 3rd season of “Hache” has an all-new cast and plot, with new twists and turns. The show tells the story of Helena, who enters into the world of crime because her conditions require it. She tries to keep her family together while trying to make due for their needs, but things get more complicated when she gets caught up in what many consider “The Mafia.”

This story has been loved by the majority of viewers as well as critics. It has earned critics’ approval score of 88% on Rotten Tomatoes and also 6.5/10 stars on the IMDb. Since the first season did well, Netflix released the second iteration in February 2021. Fortunately, the second season also turned out to be good and it wrapped up on a cliffhanger. Because of this inconclusive ending fans are hoping that Hache Season 3 will come. So, let’s see whether their expectations will be completed or not.

Plot Summary of “Hache” Season 3

In the second iteration, Ventura clears out a mountain to his death, when every path locks on him. Concurrently, Helena has some issues with Luciano, who considers her liable for Piero’s demise. Ultimately, he trusts Helena when she persists that she isn’t linked to this issue in any way.

In the meantime, Helena is trying to escape and she has found contact with Ventura’s organization. She needs to stand up against Luciano as it can be assumed that he will never let her go. Quite on the contrary, there are many expectations from “Hache” season 3 because of its successful first two seasons.

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Cast Details of “Hache” Season 3

  • Adriana Ugarte will play the role of Helena.
  • Eduardo Noriega will deliver his role of Alejandro Vinuesa.
  • Javier Rey will be seen as Malpica.
  • Marc Martínez will portray the character of Arístides.
  • Ingrid Rubio will display the character of Celeste.
  • Pep Ambròs will present the character of Julio Senovilla.
  • Tony Zenet will play his role of Ramiro Larrocha.
  • Josep Julien will deliver his role of Eladio Pérez.
  • Marina Salas will be seen as Silvia Velasco.
  • Àlex Casanovas will portray the character of Clemente Larrubia.
  • Séainín Brennan will display the character of Anna McVeigh.
  • Andrew Tarbet will present the character of Walter Kopinski.
  • Tonia Richardson will play the role of Julia Bloomsbury.

Release Date of “Hache” Season 3

The show’s main storyline is fictional, some events shown in the drama are true as well. That’s why writers have no boundations and can create an engaging script by extracting the incidents from real life. So, if Netflix officially orders Hache Season 3 in the coming few months, it should arrive by the first quarter of 2022.


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