Succession Season 4: Everything Just Finished: Filming To Commence In June


It has been confirmed that Succession Season 4 will commence filming in June. The show, which is produced by HBO, follows the lives of the Roy family as they grapple with their patriarch’s impending retirement. While no official release date has been announced, it is expected that the new season will air sometime in 2020. The show’s creator, Jesse Armstrong, has gone on record stating that he expects the show to last for at least another two seasons. 

Armstrong has confirmed that the new season will delve into the very same territory as Season 3: namely, what life is like for members of an aristocratic family who have grown up in luxury and privilege. 

The new season will feature some significant cast changes as Brian Cox has decided not to return after reportedly suffering from depression due to a lack of interest from the network in continuing the series.

Do you know about the release date of Succession Season 4:

This series will be released in December 2022 or in the starting of 2023. Also, the series has 8 episodes in every season. But there is no information about the date of release of this series on a particular date. So we don’t know when this series will be released on the web streaming websites. 

Here is the plot of Succession Season 4 discussed:

The plot of Succession Season 4 is about a multi-millionaire family. The members of this family did not have a friendly relationship with each other so there was enmity among them. The eldest son of this family is Logan Roy. He is the CEO of the media group. The next son, Kendall Roy, works as an advisor to his father. 

Roman Roy is the third son who leaves the job in order to pursue his love life. Shiv Roy is the daughter of this family and she wants to become an actress. The youngest brother was Tom who took over control of his father’s company after his death. Tom has a fiancé named Marcia who used to work with him at the company and she also loves him a lot.

The Name of Cast & Characters of Succession Season 4:

  • Jeremy Strong (Kendall Roy)
  • Sarah Snook (Shiv Roy)
  • Kieran Culkin (Roman Roy) 
  • Alan Ruck (Connor Roy)
  • Nicholas Braun (Cousin Greg)

What can we expect from Succession Season 4?

We can expect the same story from the last season. In this season, there will be many interesting developments. We are excited for Season 4. The series is expected to run for at least 6 or 7 episodes and we can’t wait to watch the fun and exciting parts of this season. 

Who will take over the Roy family empire once Logan retires/dies?

In this season, after the death of Logan, his oldest son, Kendall will take over the company. Moreover, he will go on to run the company like his father. The two youngest brothers are also expected to be the heirs of the company and they will carry on with the legacy of Logan.

Will Shiv and Tom reconcile after their huge fight in the Season 3 finale?

Yes, in the last episode, we can see that Shiv and Tom have a big fight with their family. But, after the fight, they have realized their mistake and they have decided to live together. So it is expected that in this season, they will reconcile. Shiv will come back to her family and she will get married to Tom this season.

It seems like Kendall has a tougher time in Season 4 as compared to his previous. Moreover, he also faces new problems in his life which are related to his family too. So we can say he has a tougher time in this season too as compared to other seasons of the Succession series.

How will Greg’s betrayal affect the rest of the Roys?

This season will mark the real entry of the parallel dimensions. In the first season, we have seen the existence of a parallel universe. But, this season, it will be told about how Greg, who was an enemy in earlier seasons, is now going to play a very important role in the future of the Roys.

The last three seasons were very exciting but in this new season, we will get to see some different kinds of weaknesses and strengths of each Roy family member as they face new problems which are related to their relationship with each other too. Moreover, there will be interesting developments concerning Logan’s death and other details related to his life are going to come true.


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