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Tattoo Redo: Get Rid Of Embarrassing Tattoos “Reviews and Ratings”

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Tattoo Redo is a tattoo show that was created by tattoo artist Scott Campbell. This tattoo show is about people who want to have tattoos covered up, but the twist is they don’t get to see what their tattoo will look like until it’s done and they can no longer change their mind.

The tattoo artist on the show, Scott Campbell, has tattooed everyone from Rihanna to Elon Musk and was named one of Time magazine’s most influential people in 2008. He also co-founded Lords of Brooklyn with his brother Steve Campbell that same year. It is a line for fashion plus accessories and it was taken to shops in New York and Los Angeles.

Cast Members of “Tattoo Redo”

  • Matt Beckerich
  • Rose Hardy
  • Tommy Montoya
  • Miryam Lumpini
  • Twig Sparks

Plot Summary of “Tattoo Redo”

In each episode of Tattoo Redo, three people bring loved ones’ friends, spouses, SOs onto the soundstage-turned-tattoo studio seeking to get one of their loved one’s most embarrassing tattoos covered up. The twist is that the person who brought their loved one in gets to select and help design the tattoo, and the person getting it won’t be able to see it until it’s done.

Tattoo Redo Trailer Reveals Netflix New Reality Show
Source: Collider.com

A tattoo redo can mean the difference between living with a tattoo for decades and never seeing it or getting rid of an embarrassing tattoo as soon as possible. The episodes in Tattoo Redo have that storyline, but there is also plenty of humor, piercings-for-hire and guest stars who love their tattoos so much they want more ink!

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The twist is that the tattoo design process is no easy task, and the tattooer has to not only create an original tattoo that will cover up the old one but make it look good for those who are still standing by their loved one.

The tattoo artist also needs plenty of patience: they can’t judge or correct mistakes! And if you thought getting a tattoo was painful before…

Reviews and Ratings of “Tattoo Redo”

It’s a tattoo show that is worth watching! I have been surprised at how many shows there are like this one on the Netflix platform. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys tattoo culture and reality TV, or even if you want to see some of your favorite tattoo artists in action. It has something for everyone!

The series takes you through three different stories per episode, with each story being about fifteen minutes long so it doesn’t drag out too much. Not only does Tattoo Redo allow viewers to meet people not outfitted by society’s filthy standards as well as learn more about tattooing, but also gives them insight into peoples’ lives while they’re going through difficult times such as divorce or mourning.

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