The 5 Best Classic Movies on Netflix to Watch Now


New movies are great, and there are so many coming out all the time, but let’s face it, at some point, we just need to go back to the classics. And Netflix is here to help with that because they have a great collection of old movies that you can enjoy. There are probably some you haven’t watched, and now is the time to correct this mistake. Let us tell you more about the five best classic movies you can find on Netflix. Just get the popcorn and start watching. 

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Well, no matter what we say about Monty Python won’t be enough. Monty Python and the Holy Grail is a great comedy that will make you laugh so much that your belly will hurt afterward. This is probably the movie with the most jokes that is part of the Monty Python movies. Even though the movie came out in 1975, you will still find that many of the issues discussed in it, even with a lot of humor, are still trending. 

However, if you want to watch other Monty Python movies, this might not be possible on Netflix. This is why you will need to search for them on other streaming sites. There are so many, but only a few sites work flawlessly. Nobody likes sites that constantly show you ads or take ages to load, so definitely try out one of the lists. You can put those sites on your TV and enjoy many old classics or new movies. Keep in mind that some movies are available only in certain countries, so having a VPN is a great idea, and you can check on the highest-ranked VPN reviews online for video games and streaming. This will guarantee you that you have access to more content and are very secure.

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Rain Man

Something a bit “newer” is Rain Man from 1988. You need to watch this movie for sure because it is just a beautiful story and some fantastic performances by the actors. This movie won the Oscars for Best Picture in the year of its release. Dustin Hoffman plays a man with severe autism that is put in a home by his father. Tom Cruise is his older brother, but up until the passing of their dad, he didn’t even know about his existence. They will go on quite a journey getting to know each other. It is a story that will touch your soul and make you understand the power of family even better. 

My Fair Lady

Can you ever have enough of Audrey Hepburn? The answer is no because her charm will just blow you away. My Fair Lady is one of her best movies where she is shining and makes you want to be part of her world. And the story is just charming — the professor that wants to educate the working-class girl and turn her into a real lady. The movie is based on a classical musical with the same name, and the film takes the story to another level. The dynamic between professor Henry Higgins and Eliza Doolittle is just magical. Don’t miss out on this classic. 

Leon: The Professional

This is the movie with which Natalie Portman started her career. In Leon: The Professional, she is still a child and plays Mathilda, and we should say that her performance is phenomenal. It is hard for a child actor to represent such emotions on the screen, but she does it perfectly with the help of the director and her amazing co-star Jean Reno. Their relationship is quite controversial because she is learning the tricks of a hitman, which is no business for a little girl. You need to watch this movie because the story is breathtaking and the actors play so well. Luc Besson created an outstanding film that deserves to be on the list of classics on Netflix. 



A great classic with Bill Murray that will crack you with so many jokes. The main character is a taxi driver who goes through some severe changes in his life, making him decide to join the army. The movie is considered one of the silliest comedies and gave a lot of room to Bull Murray to show his talent. Many people say that he was offered the role in Ghostbusters based on his performance there. And he definitely deserves it. If you want a fun night, just put Stripes on, and laughing is guaranteed.


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