The Benefits of Playing at Online Casinos with Multiple Licenses


When you play at an online casino, a license is one of the most important things you need to consider. Often, players need to choose an online casino that offers plenty of games and bonuses. But if a casino does not have a license, it can scam you. Thus, you might lose out on your money.

Online casinos get licenses to ensure a safe and secure gambling experience. Some online casinos have more than one license. These are better than the ones that have a single license.

Not only does it mean that the online casino will be available to players worldwide, but it also meets the standards of various gambling jurisdictions.

Here are the reasons why it is better to play at an online casino with multiple licenses.

1. Operating Legally

Countries across the world are different in terms of gaming. Some countries outlaw the activity entirely, a few ignore the subject, and others give regulated markets.

The latter ensures that all gambling site serving their citizens is doing them well to keep holding the license. Also, they feature regulatory bodies which accept applications and only approve operators with proper permits.

2. Operation Base

Online casinos can only operate in some places. Their executives and owners can be arrested quickly and shut down operations in a territory or country where doing so is not illegal.

Be that as it may, every online casino requires a home base. They can plant their operation in a jurisdiction where they hold a license. A casino with multiple licenses can operate in various jurisdictions. It will only have to put fully-functioning offices in some jurisdictions. Nevertheless, some jurisdictions require them to at least have a server with the jurisdiction’s border.

3. Prestige

If an online Curacao casinos has a license from other jurisdictions, too, it tends to be more prestigious than others. For instance, UKGC heavily bets on operators that approve them. In the meantime, Curacao needs to put more effort into screening online casinos before approving them. But casinos with licenses from multiple jurisdictions will ensure it adheres to all guidelines and you are playing in a more prestigious casino.

But it would help if you recognized the difference in various licenses. Some of the top licensing bodies are,

  • UKGC
  • MGA
  • Alderney Gambling Control Commission
  • Curacao eGaming

4. Instill Trust

You cannot blindly trust an online casino simply because it has a license. However, you can put more faith in a site with a permit from multiple jurisdictions. After all, an online casino has to go through different processes to get a license. They also have to pay some fees to obtain the permit.

Gaming sites do not usually undergo this process if they aren’t keen on serving the jurisdiction well. Ultimately, if an online casino doesn’t follow the guidelines, the license providers can revoke their license in terms of the agreement.

What Are the Online Casino Licensing Requirements?

Online casino license requirements refer to the standard an online casino has to cater to before they get a gambling license. But licenses are revoked if an online casino fails to maintain the high standards the gambling licensing authority requires.

The requirements to get a license differs from one licensing body to the other. A few of the requirements are given below.

1. Providing a Secure and Safe Gambling Environment

Online casino needs to take the necessary security measures to make the site secure enough for the players. So, online casinos should choose SSL encryption and firewalls to keep the site safe from cybercriminals.

2. Publishing Privacy Policy

Online casinos should show players third parties the site allows them to see the player’s data. It is essential for players since it lets them know what other parties have their details.

3. Regular RNG Testing

The Random Number Generator is the technology which determines the online casino games outcome. Licensing authorities need a casino to submit its RNG technology for regular testing to ensure fairness.

4. Helping People with Gambling Addictions

Licensing authorities insist that online casinos should assist players suffering from gambling addictions.

How to Know if an Online Casino Has a License?

You can decide if an online casino has multiple licenses through different methods. Here are a few ways to figure them out.

5. Check the Casino Website

Many online casinos display their licensing details on the homepage or ‘About Us’ page. That being said, you can go to the online casino’s footer and check the approval seal.

A few online casinos have used licensing seals before in the wrong way. Usually, online casinos only place the licensing details on their homepage if they hold relevant licenses.

6. Check the Regulatory Body’s Website

Going through the licensing authorities’ website might not be entertaining. But, doing so will help determine which online casinos have approval from multiple jurisdictions.

For instance, the Malta Gaming Authority lists all its licensees on its site. Check out the list to ensure that a specific online casino has an MGA license.

7. Read Online Casino Reviews

Online casino reviews are another way to check the casino’s licensing details. Most license providers do a good job when it comes to listing every license a casino has. You can get these details at the beginning of the review. However, other authors include such information throughout the review.

Indeed, these details might be old. Hence, you must proceed carefully with an online casino with multiple licenses. In most casinos, licensing details are valid and should be checked.

Bottom Line

There are many benefits of gambling at casinos with licenses from multiple licensing authorities. It offers more safety and security to its players. Moreover, it provides the peace of mind you seek when investing your hard-earned money. Gambling at these casinos is an exciting and fun way to spend time.


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