The Best TV Shows in The Early 20’s


In the early 2000s, numerous TV shows were very popular with viewers. Some of them, such as “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” or “The Weakest Link,” have become a real cultural phenomenon. In this article, we will discuss the most famous television shows of the early 2000s, which attracted the attention of millions.

Deal or No Deal

The show, the American version of the Dutch TV game of the same name, premiered in 2005. The essence of the game is that the participant can leave the studio with the amount that, in the case he has chosen, varies from one cent to a million dollars.

The difference between the American variation of the show is that after each round in which the player does not receive the main prize, another one with a million inside is added to the current cases. This increases the participant’s chances of winning.

Fortunately, to receive cash prizes today, it is unnecessary to go to television for this. Regular online poker tournaments at IgnitionCasino or the national lotteries give everyone a real chance to win thanks to the simple skill of playing cards and a little luck.


The TV quiz has become so popular that many countries have released their versions of the game on their televisions. According to the famous TV Guide magazine, it took an excellent 45th place in the list of the 60 most popular TV shows on American television.

Participants in the game guess various items thanks to the host’s prompts. One of the main features of the famous quiz was the answers in interrogative form.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Another English-language television project, the resounding success of which has generated many adapted versions for viewers in other countries. The game show is considered one of the most successful shows in television history. One of the main features of this TV show is the original musical accompaniment.

Despite the relatively simple rules and several options for hints, only a few dozen people have become winners in the history of the TV quiz. Fortunately, the TV project makes it possible to leave the studio not empty-handed. If the player doubts his abilities, he can receive his current winnings and end the game ahead of schedule.

Wheel of Fortune

The cult American TV game received many localizations for television in other countries. Its essence is to guess the words, getting the tips of the TV presenter. Along the way, players can receive cash and other valuable prizes.

In the early 2000s, the show was the highest-rated on American television until the sitcom “Two and a Half Men” started. The well-known TV Guide magazine placed it at 25th place in the list of the most popular TV games.

Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?

Launched on TV in 2007, the quiz has much in common with the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire game. The contestant must give 11 correct answers to win $1 million.

The main feature is the questions from the educational material for students in grades 1-5 (two for each grade). If the participant gives correct answers to all the previous ten, in the final, can win a million for the correct answer to the last additional question.

Family Feud

An exciting family show in which two families compete. The main task is to guess the most frequent answers to the questions that the hosts of the programs asked ordinary Americans on the street. For each match, the team is awarded points.

There are four rounds in the TV game. If, after their completion, none of the teams has scored the necessary points to win, an additional round is played. The top prize of $20,000 is given for 300 points. In case of a shortfall, the winnings are paid out at $5 for each point won by the family.

The Price Is Right

A popular entertainment show in which participants try to guess the cost of a product in a store. The players whose answer is closest to reality receive an incentive prize and go to the playing field to participate in price-guessing contests.

The winners can spin the Big Wheel with two dozen sectors containing numbers from 5 to 100. The goal of this competition is to score more points than the rest of the participants, but not more than 100. The two finalists take part in the final round of the Showcase, where they need to guess the cost of a set of goods of their rival.

Cash Cab

A popular TV game show where clients of a fake taxi driver get a free ride to their destination and can earn money along the way for answering the driver’s questions correctly. Questions have several levels of difficulty. The size of the prize for the correct answer also depends on them.

The Weakest Link

The TV show that started in the very early 2000s. During the television game, the host asks questions to the participants. The greater the error-free session of the correct answers of the team, the larger the prize they are entitled to.

The feature of the quiz is that the players vote at the end of each round, which decides which player is the weakest link in the team and should leave it.

Fear Factor

An extreme game show where contestants test their nerves. It is the American version of the original Dutch TV show Now or Neverland.

In the fight for the main prize, men and women undergo three tests that test their physical and psychological abilities. The one who did the best with all three is the winner.


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