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The Phantom of the Open: Upcoming Biography of Maurice Flitcroft

The Phantom of The Open is a biographical story about the life of Maurice Flitcroft, The World’s Golfer. The story follows him through his life as he deals with many obstacles that come up in his path to greatness. The movie stars actor Mark Rylance and was produced by BBC Films Ltd., who is most well-known for their work.

About The Phantom of the Open:

The Phantom of the Open is a British biographical comedy-drama film. It has been directed by Craig Roberts from a screenplay by Simon Farnaby. This film is based upon the biography The Phantom of the Open: Maurice Flitcroft. The movie revolves around him and his performance at the British Open Golf championship of 1976. The protagonist is only an amateur golfer, and he manages to qualify for The Open championship.

When is the release date for The Phantom of the Open:

The film will be released in April 2022. The Phantom of the Open is expected to have its worldwide release on 15th April 2022. The movie has been scheduled for release in Australia, New Zealand, and UK cinemas by Entertainment One Films International under their eOne Films brand name.

Mark Rylance Is A God-Awful Golfer In The Phantom Of The Open Trailer |  Movies | Empire


The director of the film is Craig Roberts. The film’s producers are Tom Miller, Nichola Martin, and Kate Glover. The Phantom of The Open: The movie is being produced by Water & Power, Baby Cow films, BBC Films. The director Craig Roberts set out to make an honest portrait about Maurice Flitcroft – not a comedy or tragedy but something else altogether.


The movie is filming at locations in the UK. The film has been shot on location in London and Scotland with some scenes being filmed near Stirling Castle where The War Horse was also shot. The film has been shot in Scotland on location. The cast of The Phantom of the Open: The movie had a shoot at Stirling Castle, near Edinburgh and some scenes were also filmed in London.


The film has raised revenue at several international film festivals including The Edinburgh International Film Festival. The Phantom of the Open was a resounding success at the box office. The film raked in more than £50 million and has been released on DVD while it airs on TV, which draws an even higher revenue from airing fees for each show.

The Starring Cast: The Phantom of the Open

The Phantom Of The Open': London Review | Reviews | Screen

  • Mark Rylance as Maurice Flitcroft
  • Jake Davies
  • Christian Lees
  • Mark Lewis Jones
  • Johann Myres

Expected plot:

The film follows Maurice Flitcroft’s (Mark Rylance) journey in becoming a golfer and playing The Open. The former was an amateur golf player, who had never held a club until the age of forty-eight, was obsessed with being The Open Champion.


The movie’s reviews have been very positive with The Guardian giving The Phantom of The Open four stars. The Guardian said, “The Phantom of the Open is a likable comedy with an endearing lead that’s full of heart and charm.” The Daily Record gave this movie five out of five stars for its brilliant portrayal of life in Scotland. It is particularly humorous was when Maurice Flitcroft took up golf after watching The Masters on TV and years later ended up competing in The Open. The Evening Standard calls this film a “mirthful comedy that is warmly engaging” with the performances from Jim Broadbent, Joanna Lumley, and David Tennant being singled out as particularly enjoyable to watch.


The Phantom of the Open has a rating of four and a half out of five stars on The Internet Movie Database. The movie holds an 87% approval at Rotten Tomatoes based on six reviews. The other 13%, however, gave this movie two and three stars respectively.


The Phantom of The Open is a fun movie that will entertain fans of golf and British humor. The story behind the film makes it even more enjoyable to watch for those who love learning about true stories from history. The acting is expected great and the storyline never gets boring. The Phantom of The Open has a lot to offer audiences. Some viewers may find that it lacks in the adventure department.

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