The players are increasingly listening to rock when playing online games


Looking at the online gaming statistics, one gets the picture of a statement that has constantly been hammered into our ears. Any expert who has been analyzing this phenomenon cannot fail to mention how popular online gaming has become; however, most of them do not give the real figures, for us to clearly understand the situation. It is estimated that by the end of 2022, the world will see the number of gamers grow to 3.09 billion. 

This is a phenomenal figure; it means that online gaming will surpass football as the most popular sporting activity. It even gets interesting when we are told that the average gamer will be aged between 35 and 45 years. Joe Booth, an online casino game expert at makes some observations providing the revenue figures that the sector has generated in the last year. Video games raked more than $180 billion; Console Gaming Market hit $ 50 billion while the Chinese market generated $ 46 billion in 2021. The figures are mind-boggling; Booth predicts that 2022 will shock us all, as the records will be broken, including the number of games that players download. If you want to follow Joe Booth and get more insights on online casino as well as more statistics in gaming, click here.

With this growing popularity, one thing that has got people talking is that players are increasingly listening to rock when playing online games. The online casino industry has had similar fears with gambling addiction, and one question that we may ask is, is it good to listen to rock while playing online games. What benefits does it have? Are there any negative effects? In this article, we will explore these questions and try to make some sense of this phenomenon.

Why do gamers play music?

A survey carried out on gamers who play Ranked, found that fifty percent of players listened to music while playing. When asked about the type of music they listen to while playing, a majority said Rock. As to why they listened to music and more so Rock, the players said it makes them feel better and engaged as well as helps them lose a sense of time. These are similar sentiments that have been highlighted elsewhere, and it makes one believe that if you want to keep yourself engaged throughout an activity, music can be a good accompaniment. Some even say it provides a full brain workout. Studies have also observed that listening to your popular music can help reduce blood pressure, pain, and anxiety, make you sleep better, and boost your mood, alertness, and memory.

Some argue that they play rock music just as it is done during other sporting events. Talk of football, you will find the crowd being entertained with music during the matches. This is done to pump up the spectators, create excitement in the game, and have everyone enjoy. Gamers say they get similar effects; excitement, energy, and thrill.

What is the relationship between Rock music and online games? 

There is a strong relationship between music generally and video games. Some music has come to be associated with specific games, such that when you hear a certain song a strong memory is evoked. On the other hand, video games have brought their player to new music. They have introduced new music such that when you ask, a player where they first heard the song one will say “through a video game”.

It is not surprising that the genre of music that is common among gamers happens to be Rock. Gamers are thrill-seekers, have an open character, and at the same time exhibit level of aggressiveness. People who like Rock music exhibit similar traits. Is the relationship between Rock and online gaming now becoming clear?

Negative effects

Although playing rock during a game can bring excitement, keep you engaged or help focus it can have some negative effects. Gambling 2022 statistics and reviews are warning about addiction to betting and casino games. A similar warning should be put in Game UK and other platforms, warning players of excessive music and even playing over long hours while speakers are a full blast. Some of the negative effects that players can get when they play music during games are:

  • Given that majority of Rock lovers like it loud, there is a possibility of developing a hearing loss. This is a big public health concern, especially with the use of music gadgets that are plugged into the ears.
  • Although music can help in focusing and keeping engaged, at times it can be a distraction. So, the next time you find yourself losing track or trailing your opponent in most of the top free slots games and cannot find any other reason, blame it on the loud rock that is playing in your ears.
  • Just as it can bring good memories, it has a possibility of triggering a bad one, ruining your mood during a favorite game.
  • It can be noise pollution especially when played loud or when with people who love their environment quiet 
  • It can lead to making bad decisions

Players are increasingly looking for ways to get entertained as they engage in online gaming. Rock is one of the genres that are preferred by most players. This trend has its benefits and negative effects. Players need to be aware of its negative effects so that they can continue enjoying their favorite games without harming themselves.


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