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The Title of American Horror Story Season 10 Revealed

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American Horror Story season 10 title revealed. With several rumors and speculations, American Horror Story’s new season was finally unveiled on Wednesday night in Los Angeles. The show’s creator, Ryan Murphy, had announced the name earlier this week with an Instagram post that read “AHS Season 10.” Titled Apocalypse – the last book from the Bible – it will be set during 2020 when America has been divided into two warring nations: one ruled by Trump supporters who live in constant fear of immigrants and other people who are different, and the other side free to pursue whatever they desire.

Who will be in season 10?

AHS Season Ten, stars Connie Britton and Dylan McDermott as the heads of two warring American families. They will be joined by Emma Roberts (American Horror Story: Coven), Billie Lourd (Scream Queens), Cody Fern (The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story).

American Horror Story Season Ten stars Connie Britton (Friday Night Lights) as a family matriarch on the West coast who loses her daughter to anti-immigrant violence while Dylan McDermott (The Practice) plays a father out East whose only son was killed in combat against “the bloodthirsty Zombie hordes”–or so he thinks! Emma Roberts (Scream Queens), Cody Fern (Gianni Versace: American Crime Story), and Billie Lourd (Scream Queens) will also star.

The series is a new chapter of American Horror Story that’s been given an every-season anthology format, with the showrunners promising this season takes place in America at the present day. Coven was our first glimpse into what this modern era might look like for AHS, but it looks as if Murphy has decided to explore something even scarier: The current state of politics in the United States. Here’s how FX president John Landgraf described the upcoming season to reporters at TCA 2018: “The target seems less obvious than previous seasons.”

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“Heres all we know about Season Ten so far:”

It’s a brand-new chapter of American Horror Story that’s been given an every-season anthology format, with the showrunners promising this one takes place in modern time and is “an exploration of youth culture.” This means we’re going to see something even scarier: The current state of politics in the United States. That target seems less obvious than previous seasons–but it’ll still give you nightmares!

American Horror Story Announces Full Season 10 Title | CBR
Source: CBR.com

What does Ryan Murphy revealed?

Ryan Murphy has given fans a glimpse into the new installment of American Horror Story with an eerie tweet. The creator tweeted out what appears to be a set-up for something dark and foreboding from the show’s newest episode, “The Morning After.” The caption reads: ‘This is not going to end well’ alongside two photos that appear to depict characters in some sort of struggle or standoff. One photo shows dolls lying on top of each other under blankets while another features three people who seem to be holding hands against one wall; they are all wearing masks over their faces.

AHS Season Ten premiere date was confirmed at New York Comic-Con during the panel presentation for FX’s Legion this past Saturday.

What’s The Title of American Horror Story Season 10?

The title of American Horror Story Season Ten: Double Feature. there would have been two parts, and the first part to air on August 25.

What can we expect from season 10?

American Horror Story Season Ten will be a crossover of two seasons.

The first season to air would have been set in the future and focused on “a world where robots can feel pain and emotions.” The second series would have taken place in the past, following an actress who is trying to find her daughter’s killer with help from one of Hollywood’s great directors, all while being stalked by someone wearing a creepy white mask.

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Apparently, we’ll get more details about what American Horror Story: All Out was about during Comic-Con this coming Saturday!

It sounds like there are two separate parts – but also connected storylines – that makeup Season Ten. One is a futuristic tale of robots who want revenge for their mistreatment at human hands; another follows a reality TV star who’s killed while filming a segment on haunted houses.

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