Thunderbolts: Movie Will Be Different From Suicide Squad?


The Thunderbolts series follows the team as they fight for good, with a series of villains that act as their adversaries. Recently, rumors started to circulate that Suicide Squad will follow the same pattern as Thunderbolts. Suicide Squad is rumored that it will be much different from the Thunderbolts series because of certain changes such as Superpowers, a different motive behind the villainous team’s moves, and an emphasis on costume-based comedy. The story behind this change could have been related to feedback from audiences who disliked how serious some scenes in Thunderbolts were. The movie will also be rated PG-13, which in turn gives the filmmakers the ability to go “over the top.” 

Do you know about the release date of the Thunderbolts series:

This series will be released on 26 July 2024. Also, the series has been scheduled to be released on Netflix after the theater release. The storyline of this series is based on Marvel Comics. The first season has 13 episodes while the second season has a total of 10 episodes. The third season has been mentioned as a possible possibility. Variety reported that the movie will not be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and will stand alone as its film series, similar to how 20th Century Fox’s Deadpool was presented at first, before becoming part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe continuity.

Here is the plot of the Thunderbolts series discussed:

The plot of this series is based on Marvel Comics. The story focuses on the Thunderbolts who are a group of supervillains with one common goal, to take out the Avengers, who they believe are “tarnishing” and “distorting” their reputation. The Thunderbolts are led by the Red Hulk, who is revealed to have reformed. The team then comes into conflict with a small town in Oklahoma that believe that the Thunderbolts are a group of vigilantes looking to take out their town.

The Name of Cast & Characters of Thunderbolts series:

  • Florence Pugh · Yelena Belova 
  • Hannah John-Kamen · Ava Starr 
  • Sebastian Stan · Bucky Barnes 
  • David Harbour · Alexei Shostakov 
  • Olga Kurylenko

What can we expect from the Thunderbolts series?

We can expect a lot from the upcoming series of Thunderbolts because it has been adapted from Marvel Comics with many scenes featuring drama and action. The series is also expected to be a great experience for comic book fans across the globe.

Who are the director’s favorite characters and why?

The favorite character of one of the directors is also the Red Hulk because this character makes every scene worth watching. The directors stood for Marvel Studios and Warner Bros in the year 2018. They have been responsible for directing some of the best movies like The Avengers and Captain America: The Winter Soldier. These character portrayals will be an attraction to viewers.

Who are the producers of this series?

The producers of the series are Charles Newirth and Kevin Feige. Charles Newirth has worked on a lot of superhero movies such as Suicide Squad and Blade I-III, while Kevin Feige has been associated with Iron Man, Avengers, Captain America: Civil War, Spider-Man Homecoming, etc.

What is the storyline of the Thunderbolts series?

The storyline of this series shows the group of supervillains as superheroes trying to fight against the Avengers. The title of this series is based on Marvel Comics, but the story is different from that version of the series. There are a few popular scenes in this series like the final scenes of season 1 and some other scenes which are controversial and make people laugh a lot.

What themes does the Thunderbolts series explore?

The themes that are explored in this series are basically about fighting for justice and exposing the villains in their true avatars. The villains try to rise from the ashes and redeem themselves by becoming superheroes.

What will the visual effects be like?

The Visual effects in this series are expected to be great because the team of filmmakers for this series have worked on Marvel movies like The Avengers, Iron Man, etc. Visual effects have played a vital role in these movies, which has resulted in them being a success at the box office. The directors of this series have drawn from the experience gained from films like Iron Man and Captain America, which have been proven to be a hit at the box office. The team of directors and visual effects artists are looking forward to presenting quality scenes in their upcoming project Thunderbolts.


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