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Trade nation is a free website that connects shipping companies to buyers and sellers. That’s not all though, this site also has amazing reviews of working-class cargo transporters who will deliver your packages for the best prices.

Regardless if you are shopping for new work or are just browsing the listings, Trade Nation is a great place to find what you need at an affordable price.

Trade Nation is a free website that is run by volunteers. This site was built because of the extremely high price of international shipping services. These volunteers have made it their personal mission to get rid of the monopoly that the big shipping companies have on all international cargo shipments. Trade Nation strives to ensure that you, the customer, are getting the best deal possible.

There are many factors involved when pricing a shipment, but here at Trade Nation our buyers and sellers make sure that all fees associated with each shipment are clearly laid out for you to see before you pay for your order.

Trade Nation is run by the people, for the people.

About our volunteers:

Andy – (aka Web Head) is an IT professional who’s been a member of the Trade Nation team since March 7th, 2010. He’s also the founder and creator of the website.

Jahmal – (aka Captain) works as a co-founder at Trade Nation and is responsible for making sure that everything has a place and that all members are able to get what they need. He’s also responsible for tracking cargo containers, scanning photos, and keeping track of shipments. He’s also responsible for making sure all orders are shipped out in a timely manner.

Jahmal Agha – (aka The Investor) has been with Trade Nation since September of 2012. He is a huge supporter of the Trade Nation initiative and the volunteer approach that we take at this site. Jahmal currently has one order with us in processing, which will ship on Tuesday, March 8th. This is his first order and it’s very exciting!

This section is dedicated to our volunteers, customers, and fellow members who have helped us in making Trade Nation the great community that it is today.

Trade nations’ history starts out as many other websites do, a few people with a vision start something that they think will benefit others as well. Like many other websites though, this site was founded by one person with a vision. This site was launched to help people get the best price possible on shipping their cargo containers across the ocean.

The current day leaders of the site are Andy and Jahmal, the creators of our community. Andy is responsible for managing all of the volunteers and making sure that everyone is getting their packages on time.

Jahmal is responsible for scanning photos and tracking shipping containers. Jahmal not only handles these tasks but he also manages the site’s finances, keeps track of every order we have on file, and communicates with customers personally as well.

This website serves a global community. To learn more about us please review our different sections: [including testimonials]. We hope you enjoy your experience at trade nation! If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact us through our Contact page.

Welcome! Trade nation is an idea, not a website yet

A few months ago, some friends and I started a company called Trade Nation. It’s the name of our website, but it’s also a real people-powered movement for a better world. We believe that when people have more options for getting what they need at the best price, everyone can benefit.

We are just starting to get going as a team and organization, but we have big plans for this site. We want to help you find everything you could possibly need at the best price, and make sure that you always get what you paid for. We’re starting with international shipping, but we have big plans to grow our team and eventually provide other services as well like: insurance, border documentation, transport of valuables, etc. We’re a people-powered movement and we want you to be part of it!

The concept for Trade Nation was born in a conversation about the prices or shipping services. As long-time friends, we often chat about business ideas, and this one had been brewing for months. We have been working on our idea, and we need your help to launch it.

Currently, there are a few companies that dominate the international shipping industry. They control ocean freight prices and benefit from hidden fees and overpriced services. Every time we ship something to our families overseas, the shipping company rakes in millions from us. With more than a decade of experience shipping cargo, we’ve seen how these companies operate. They can’t be trusted to charge us fair prices, and we want to do something about it!

To put a stop to this unfair system, we’re offering you a place to shop around for the best prices on all things international shipping. We will keep you updated with our progress with each shipment and provide info on what we see as good deals. We believe that with this site, people can easily compare rates and pick their best option.

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