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True Beauty Season 2: New Updates For The Second Season

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True Beauty season 2 is finally here! This new season will air on tvN and follow the true beauty webtoon. True beauty is a Korean drama that was first released in 2016. It tells the story of true beauty, Ga-young, who has an opportunity to take revenge for her father’s death by marrying a chaebol heir, Jae-hyuk.

The truth behind this series is that it is actually based on an ongoing worldwide hit webtoon called true beauty, which debuted in 2013. With more than 15 million followers from all over the world and with more than 700 chapters so far, true beauty has been translated into many languages such as English, French, German, etc…

Season Recap of “True Beauty”

In South Korean society, looks predominate any other quality when judging people. Therefore, skincare and makeup are a necessity in the country.

Born as an average-looking girl, Im suffers a lot of harassment based on her looks both by friends and family. Due to family circumstances, she gets to move to a different area. Thanks to makeup, her life takes a different turn, and she becomes the center of attraction in her class. But her happiness is short-lived since not only does she end up in a love triangle, but jealous classmates bring up her bitter past!

It takes all her own effort, Su-ho and Seo-jun’s pure intentions and constant support to get back up stronger and independent. She decides to take the challenge head-on and fight against the judgemental world.


Though with a few hardships & rejections, she gains a lovely boyfriend and some very reliable friends! And ultimately takes the path to fulfill her dream of becoming a makeup artist.


Plot Summary of “True Beauty” Season 2

The future is still in progress. For now, here are some key points. True Beauty Season Two will cover the parts of the webtoon that were not explored yet and fix what was lacking from True Beauty Season One.

The plot may follow Su Bin’s love triangle with Seo Jun and Hae Soo because it has been revealed that there might be a new male character to take over as Hae Soo’s suitor since he is hinted at being her childhood friend turned enemy. There is no confirmation on whether or not this means they have broken up, but one can only hope! A lot of people also want True Beauty Season Two to cover the true story behind Su Bin’s father and why he was killed.

True Beauty Season One ended without any major developments in terms of love lines, with Hae Soo deciding not to pursue a relationship with Seo Jun because she is waiting for her first true love. This will probably be solved if they have more episodes in the second season, which will hopefully happen! Everyone can’t wait until we get new updates on True Beauty Season Two.

Renewal Status of “True Beauty” Season 2

A season 2 for True Beauty seems highly unlikely since the pacing was sped up, and a proper ending was given even though the webtoon is ongoing. Even though the show was mostly well-received, the last 2 episodes felt unsatisfactory.

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Will True Beauty Have A Season 2 Expectations and Possibilities for the  Korean Drama's Second Season - YouTube
Source: YouTube.com

It is like the whole concept of the first lead getting the girl was so necessary that to make it fit, they messed up what could have been a better ending and could have left hope for season 2. Ultimately, most viewers wished for Seo-Jun to get a better ending than enjoying the very forced lead love in the last 2 episodes.

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Release Date of “True Beauty” Season 2

Up until now, there has been no update regarding the air date for the show. However, considering the popularity there’s no way the show won’t get a continuation. Most likely, True Beauty Season 2 will release in Late 2021.

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