What can we expect from the price of ETH in 2022?

Ethereum price prediction

This article is all about what the Ethereum price might be in 2022. First, we will talk about the current number of coins mined and how that impacts future prices and also different ways to keep track of coin supply. We will then go over some predictions for the Ethereum price by 2022, including some optimistic and pessimistic scenarios, as well as a few wild cards thrown in there for good measure.

Let’s start by taking a look at how many coins are currently in circulation, how many will be mined by 2022 and how many coins the Ethereum Foundation holds in reserve. We will go over each source of the supply, whether it is pre-mined or mined, and discuss what this all means for the future price of ETH.


Ethereum (ETH) has gained notoriety since its introduction in 2014 as the currency for developing decentralized applications on top of its blockchain platform. Although Ethereum is still only the second most widely used cryptocurrency, it nonetheless has many advantages over Bitcoin. As a result, it may be worth investing in Ethereum.

The Strategic Merge

Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum Classic (ETC) are two separate cryptocurrencies that are based on the same blockchain platform. However, in 2016 there was a hard fork in the ETH blockchain when some members of the community became unhappy with how the best-known cryptocurrency was being run. This resulted in a split creating two separate versions of Ethereum – ETH and ETC. Although they are based on an identical code base, these two cryptocurrencies have since developed differently.

In the months since the fork, ETH has become more popular, with more developers using its platform and tokens rising in value. Ethereum Classic (ETC) is further behind ETH in terms of development and is less popular. Therefore, Market-TT expects that ETH will become more widely used than ETC. As a result, Market-TT classifies ETH as the “winner” and ETC as the “loser” of the 2016 fork.

The Merging Process

Ethereum will be forced to merge with ETC when ETH is reaching the upper limits for blocks in its blockchain. The chain will have to lengthen (with more blocks) to allow more data for certain parts of the Ethereum network. At some point between now and 2022 it will become necessary to allow more data into the ETH blockchain; however, there is currently not enough room in the blockchain for this extra information.

To solve this problem, Ethereum’s blockchain will have to be lengthened. Therefore, the ETH blockchain will have to be allowed to accept blocks created by ETC nodes without a hard fork. Market-TT expects that when this happens, there will be an initial period of about two weeks where ETH and ETC are both used before ultimately there is a forced merge between them.

The forced merge will be advantageous to both cryptocurrencies, as a result of the larger community that will form after the fork. There may also be other benefits. For example, it is possible that ETC developers will learn from ETH and vice-versa to help build both cryptocurrencies even further.


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