Where to find the cheap servers


The word cheap provokes two reactions. Group number one considers it as desperation. They need respected products and are ready to call for credit to buy or exploit them. Others find inexpensive goods because they understand that these offers may be reasonable too.

The portrait of the cheap customer

An average customer of a cheap dedicated server is a young man or woman. They have just graduated from the university. They combine work and education, so they have experience. Maybe this customer has a spouse and one child.

They prioritize finding a server costing about $100 and a minimal 500 GB storage device. The head of the family runs a personal website on one space volume, while the other part is a NAS – the collection of selected movies and photos. When the business grows and the family earns sufficient money, they move to more valuable plans. Of course, they need support, remote control, and a 99.9% online time presence resistant to DDoS attacks.

The dedicated server is the best solution, even for beginners. It has an excellent security level, ready to upgrade in the case of necessity, plus it has no neighbors like in the case of virtual hosting. Let’s look at what companies will satisfy the call of our target audience.

Comparing offers

Company 1 starts its offer from $44. The dedicated servers include only the 3,2 GHz CPU, 32 GB RAM, 150 TB traffic, 1 IP address, and one Linux operating system. But the hard drive is a PPU option. The clients may consider getting a 3,5 TB mix of all current memory standards. The data centers are in the USA.

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VSYS Host offers dedicated equipment for $58 and more. 1 TB hard disk comes in pair with powerful XEON E3-1231 processor and 16 GB RAM. Linux systems are free. The data centers are in Seatle, Kyiv and Amsterdam.

Company 2 has only 36-month plans. While their competitors offer six to eight cores in the $79-$99 range, this hosting provider limits the cores to 4. The bandwidth is uncompetitive – only 15 TB maximum per 1 GB port. For example, the VSYS Host dedicated servers guarantee 65 to 324 TB monthly traffic, which is convenient for fanatic customers. Besides, company 2 locates in the USA.

Company 3 starts its dedicated programs from $90 per month. Its configuration supposes 4 cores with 8 threads, 1 TB HDD, 8GB RAM, and unmetered bandwidth. This price is actually for 36 months. The conditions are poor because the selection is limited only to CentOS 7 and Windows Server 2016. Not a good idea as the developers started the final countdown in their support.

All these companies, however, have a truthful reputation. Online support is available 24/7/365, and the data centers have reserved energy sources. The average launch time is between 1 and 4 hours. But if you want to buy a dedicated server for bitcoin payment, call VSYS Host. Our company accepts cryptocurrency on the same rules as the national currencies. Check it out right now!


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