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Why Tires Are The Most Important Part of Your ATV Adventure

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When you are thinking about the best parts of your ATV, your mind probably doesn’t immediately jump to the tires. However, they may be among the most essential elements of any ATV adventure. The next time you are thinking about ATV maintenance or upgrades, getting a high-quality set of ATV tires should be at the top of your list.

The Importance of ATV Tires

Tires are the contact points between your ATV and the trail. Without them, you wouldn’t be moving, turning or stopping. Therefore, they are arguably the most important parts of your ATV because they cover so many different systems. These are the four core functions of tires:

  • Give your ATV traction on the trail for acceleration and braking.
  • Allow your ATV to maintain or change its direction with steering inputs.
  • Support the ATV’s weight (and yours).
  • Absorb shocks and vibrations (along with the suspension) for a more comfortable riding experience.

Which Tires Make ATV Riding Safe & Fun

Before you buy any ATV tires, you need to make sure they fit. The tires are measured by the outside diameter, the width and the inside diameter. 22x11x10 ATV tires are 22 inches from tread to tread, 11 inches across the tread and fit on 10-inch rims.

For most ATVs, a set of all-terrain tires are the best option.  For example, Sedona Coyote ATV tires are an excellent choice. If you want to get an even better experience, you can purchase terrain-specific tires. Sand, mud, snow and racing all have purpose-built tires, for example. However, you may need multiple sets if you want to do this.

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Best Overall Off Road Tires For Your ATV

There are a variety of high-quality ATV tires. As mentioned, the most important elements of your shopping process should be fitting the right size and terrain. Nonetheless, some makes and models stand out above the rest. These are some of the best off-road tires:

  • Kenda K299 Bear Claw: These best-selling tires are designed with aggressive treads to power your ATV through mud, rocks, snow and even sand.
  • ITP Mud Lite AT: These mud ATV tires are ideal for helping you get dirty without getting stuck.
  • AMS M1 Evil Tires 30x10x14: These tires feature a special compound for excellent wear resistance. Plus, the large size makes them impressively capable even in challenging situations.
  • Maxxis Carnivore: These tires have a highly aggressive tread that can take on any terrain, including flat, paved roads.

Check out each of these tires to see if you can find just the right set for your needs. With the right tires, you will be ready for all new ATV adventures.

Order New ATV Tires Today

Explore some of the tire options for your ATV today. When you are ordering, make sure that you know the right size tires for your vehicle. The simplest way to do this is to simply copy your existing tires (the size is printed on the sidewall). Then, check out some of the reviews for different tires that fit your terrain requirements. Finally, place your order and hit the trail.

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