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Your career as a Filmmaker

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A filmmaker is a person who is in charge of the process of creating a theatrical production, a video or an entire film, a concert, a TV show, and even a circus performance.

During the work on one project, the director performs many actions. This includes the selection and adjustment of the script, the selection of the cast, rehearsals, and individual work with each participant during the staging or filming process, and bringing the resulting product to perfection.

THE MOST NECESSARY FOR A FILMMAKER IS THE DESIRE TO TELL STORIES in the most unusual, exciting way to intrigue the viewer – this, probably, is the essence of his work. You also need to be able to use the editing programs. It is not very easy to master it – it will take some time and perseverance, but it is quite possible to do it on your own using the tutorials.

A filmmaker is a profession of the present and the future; it can hardly be called a job; this is a dream job because you are engaged in creativity. Thanks to shooting a video, you can earn a lot of money a month, travel the world, take pictures of bloggers and stars, and work with well-known brands. And this is not the limit. The secret is to do what you enjoy, and it will pay off. 

Advantages and disadvantages while working as a filmmaker


  • opportunity to realize your creative potential
  • prestigious profession
  • the prospect of a high salary, receiving awards, and public recognition
  • a chance to work with many interesting people, such as famous actors
  • many areas in which you can work 
  • some projects involve travel around the world (so you can broaden your horizons).
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  • high competition
  • sometimes uncertain pay (at the early stages of career) and there are cases when directors even lost their own money because of the failed project
  • a challenging career path: it will not be possible to become a filmmaker right away; you will have to start your career from the position of an assistant
  • non-standard working day
  • emotional tension, high probability of conflicts.

What skills does a filmmaker need?

  • higher education
  • creative vision and ability to explain their ideas properly
  • thinking outside the box, attention to detail
  • organizational skills and management skills
  • knowledge of the basics of psychology, the ability to work with different people
  • sociability, sense of humor, and charisma.

How much does a filmmaker earn money a month?

As in many other creative professions, the average salary of a filmmaker is not easy to determine. Many factors affect the pay of these professionals. Firstly, the specialization of the director: for example, the creator of circus productions gets less than a film director. Secondly, experience, talent recognition, and popularity: two different filmmakers may receive different salaries for the same projects. Finally, the project itself: the wages for staging a popular talk show on television or YouTube are higher than directing a play in a small theater. 

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