30 Coins Season 2 : Production Details And Other Updates

30 coings season 2
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If you are looking for a 30 coins season 2 release date, production details, renewal staus or even 30 coins season 1 plot and cast then this blog post is perfect for you. Season 2 of the series is one of the most awaited drama series. The first installment of the series was released on November 29, 2020, in HBO Max in Europe.

Season one was well-received because it had an intriguing storyline with many secrets. 30 Coins Season 2 release date are yet to be revealed but there are some rumors that suggest that 30 coins season 2 will have a different setup from the first series.

The show has received mixed reviews due to its slow pacing but if you like dramas about religious horror then this is the right show for you!

 30 coins season 2: Production status

Most of the scenes in season one were shot in Pedraza, Segovia. The director of the series is Alex de la Iglesia. On September 22, 2021, he dropped a photograph of the shooting location at Pedraza. This means that the crew has headed for production. This is a piece of happy news because there is progress in the filming of the series. We can expect the premiering of the series in 2022. We can expect premiering of 30 Coinseasons in 2022 or 2023 depending on production process speed up/slowing down due to hiatus.

30 Coins Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot And More - DKODING
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 30 coins season 2: About the series

The series is a Spanish mystery horror television series created and directed by Alex de la Iglesia for HBO Europe. The story of the series revolves around Father Vergara who is an exorcist. He is banned from church to Pedraza. He hopes that he is forgotten by his enemies.

When do the series release?

The release date is under wraps right now. However, the filming has started. We can expect the announcement of release dates in late 2021.

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The expected cast of the series

The main cast of the series will be reprising their roles. It includes

  • Eduard Fernandez as Padre Manuel Vergara
  • Megan Montaner as Elena
  • Miguel Angel Silvestre as Paco
  • Macarena Gomez as Merche

Is the series worth watching?

The series 30 coins season is worth watching. First of all, the show has an amazing cast. Second, it takes a different approach to horror compared to other shows. The stories are simple but they have been filmed with great details that make the story more interesting as well as terrifying.


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