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DAYBREAK SEASON 2: All The Major Information!

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DAYBREAK is the story of a group of friends who are trying to find out what happened to their friend Daybreak. They end up in an alternate dimension where they must save the world from destruction.


Daybreak is a group of friends that have been talking nightly about each person’s life. They share their thoughts on the best and worst moments of their days, as well as tears-inducing stories or laughter-filled tales. One night, Daybreak fails to show up for the meeting. When her friends try to find out where she is, they end up in an alternate dimension. There, the group realizes that Daybreak has been captured and must save the world from destruction.


The release date for the second season of DAYBREAK has not been released yet, but it is expected to be near fall next year. The original season of DAYBREAK concluded on October 27th, 2017, with a cliffhanger. Plot details for Season Two have not yet been released at this time.


The production for Daybreak Season Two is being handled by the same team, who proved their talents in bringing to life Season One. The second season of DAYBREAK will pick up shortly after the events at the end of Season One. The team, now in an alternate dimension and facing Daybreak’s capture, must find a way to get her back before she is used for evil purposes by someone else.



Season Two of DAYBREAK will have the same cast as Season One. These actors are Daybreak, her friends: Belle, Jaxon, and Dylan, and Daybreak’s parents. The only actor that has been confirmed for Season Two is Carissa Capobianco, who plays Daybreak in both seasons.

Daybreak Season 2 - Netflix Release Date, News, Cast, Trailer & Spoilers
Source: Seventeen Magazine.com
  • The main cast includes Daybreak, Robynn (Robyn),
  • Garret, Michael, and
  • Keisha.

The Plot:

Season Two follows the story of Daybreak and her friends as they enter their sophomore year in high school. The first season, which airs on Netflix, captured a summer period when she and her three best friends are deciding between college or starting to work for the rest of their lives.

The second season will follow them through Fall Semester, where they are trying to figure out their next steps. The story follows a group of friends after they are awoken in the morning with no memory of how they got there. They soon learn that their memories have been erased and now must play through clues to figure out what happened and why it happened at all!


The series has had mixed reviews from critics. The reviews for Season One have been mixed. Some critics have praised the show for its creativity, while others have criticized it for being too violent and graphic. The show has been renewed by the networks and is expected to continue for many more seasons after this one. The release date was not yet announced at this time, but it should be soon!


The viewership has been declining since Season One premiered in October 2017. More people are now turning to other shows with more action-packed storylines rather than watching DAYBREAK as a result of this shift in television viewing habits. Fans of DAYBREAK are looking forward to the second season with anticipation and hope that it will be just as suspenseful, thrilling, dramatic, or dark as the first season was.

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