Designer Belts & Footwear to Make or Break your Outfits


In the array of fashion accessories, belts have inscribed their place as a mainstay in the wardrobe of many fashion aficionados. A belt can drastically transform the entire look of your attire in a plethora of ways. From fashion runways to formal meets and street-wear looks, designer belts for women are roaring everywhere. A woman’s wardrobe is incomplete without them.

A stroke of lipstick can immediately uplift the look of your face; the designer belts can act similarly to your outfits. Whether you are wearing a floral dress or a jumpsuit, an enchanting designer belt will take your outfit from dreary to fab. If you want to experiment with your look, just add a designer belt to your outfit and let it do the magic.

Designer belts will not only uplift your style quotient but also ensure that you look better in every attire. If you are bulky, then wearing these belts, may make you look slimmer and fitter. Similarly, if you are thin, then these belts will help you to keep your trousers in the right place so that you don’t look gauche.

So, choosing the right belt will help you carry your outfit in the best way. Prudently select these accessories to stand far above the crowd.

Things to Consider While Choosing a Designer Belt

You must purchase a belt based on your attire

Select a belt according to your body type

  •   If you are plump, then go for a broad belt to look thinner. On the contrary, if you are thin, then opt for a skinny belt.
  •   Do you want to flaunt your curvy hips? Then, go for belts dangled low along your hips.
  •   If your waist is short, then thin belts may go well with your top or t-shirt.
  •   If your upper body is narrow as compared to the thighs and hips, wide belts could be the best option for you.

The designer belts are truly the best wardrobe staples and will make you a fashion fiesta instantly.

Designer Footwear

Footwear expresses confidence in the way you walk. While selecting designer footwear, women not only consider comfort but also handpick shoes based on occasions. Women’s footwear offers a wide range of collections from formal to ethnic festive.

Things to Cover Before Selecting the Right Footwear for You

  •   Always keep the focus on the durability, usage, material and quality of the footwear before making any purchase decision.
  •   Pick up designer footwear as per your outfit and occasion.
  •   The markets are crammed with various options from flats to heels that will certainly cater to all your needs.
  •   Always go for the right size as you may walk weirdly with a loose or tight pair.
  •   Read the product descriptions properly to know more about designer footwear. The right selection will help you walk easily and comfortably.

Never take any risk with your footwear, as it may tarnish your day and look.

To update your ensemble, buckle up, and plunge into some popular online platforms like Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop and purchase designer belts and footwear.



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