How do E-Pipes Work?


It is not surprising that electronic cigarettes have become very popular. They come in sleek designs and are used by a lot of influencers. The e-liquids they contain come in multiple flavours—which can be very appealing to many people. Electronic pipes have formed part of the popular trend commonly referred to as vaping.

An electronic pipe is like a pipe e-cig, in that it resembles the traditional pipe but is a battery-powered device like other e-cigarette devices. Traditionally, smoking pipes had an element of class and sophistication to them. Perhaps this is why e-pipes are one of the most popular electronic smoking devices as many vape enthusiasts want to be associated with this tradition.

E-pipes, just like other vaping devices, are battery-powered, meaning they are a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes because of the lack of combustion. If you are wondering what smoking an e-pipe looks like, then this post is for you. In this article, we look at what e-pipes are and how they work.

What is an e-pipe?

An e-pipe is an electronic pipe that has been designed to look like a traditional tobacco pipe. Isome of them resembles a traditional pipe so much that at first glance you may think it is a traditional pipe. Some of the pipe e-cigs have been fitted with a red LED light at the end which glows when taking a puff making it look even more like a traditional pipe.

Every aspect of an e-cigarette pipe resembles the traditional smoking pipe, only that e-pipes use vape juices and do not require a match to light it or filling the bowl with tobacco. Instead of a match, they have a battery which provides power to heat the e-liquid.

How do e-pipes work?

Now that you have seen that pipe vape pens are like traditional pipes you might be wondering, how do e-pipes work? It is actually simple. These devices are fitted with a lithium-ion battery which serves as a source of power. The battery provides the power that is required to heat the e-liquid to produce vapour. The user then inhales the vapour in a similar manner that they would from a traditional tobacco pipe.

While from the outside of a tobacco pipe vape, the device looks like the traditional tobacco pipe, the internals are completely different. Its internal components are like that of an e-cigarette. This means it contains a battery an atomizer and an inhaler. A complete e-pipe kit from ePuffer comes with additional parts including cartridges. You can use them if you need to change the parts in future. 

The atomizer is the heating element and draws power from the battery. The inhaler provides a pathway through which vapour can travel from the atomizer to the mouthpiece. The battery is usually rechargeable so you do not have to worry about what happens to your pipe when the battery runs out.

Are e-pipes safe?

This is a question many people often ask themselves, especially those looking to try e-cigarette pipes for the first time. The evidence we have so far shows that e-pipes are much safer compared to traditional tobacco pipes because they do not involve any combustion. This means that no chemicals that can potentially harm your body are released when using e-pipes.

Be sure to source your vape pipes only from reputable sellers such as ePuffer so that you are guaranteed to buy quality devices. Some sellers design their atomizers from weak metal alloys that can easily break when subjected to heat. This is why you should conduct thorough research before deciding on a seller.


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