How to Benefits Trick a Slot Machine


Some players believe they can control the outcome of the spin when playing a slot machine. They push the spin button and then stop the reels when they see a winning combination. These players are able to trick the machine into paying out more money than they should, but only if they use the right methods.

Stringed coin trick

One trick that is used to trick situs judi slot online machines is to pull a coin on a string from the machine. However, this is not likely to work on modern machines. The reason is because the coins must travel a long distance from the vending machine to the coin mechanism. Besides, they have to be the right denomination and currency. In addition, a one-way lever must be used to trap the coins.

While it is possible to manipulate the machines and win, there is no such thing as guaranteed success. Besides, there are a few security measures in place, so the stringed coin benefit trick is not applicable on all machines. Some machines use mechanical sensors and others do not. This is an additional safeguard in case the coin is stolen.


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Many people have tried to fool the slot gacor maxwin machines by using shaved coins or fake coins. They would attach a wire to the fake coin and feed it into the machine multiple times, fooling the slot into thinking they were feeding it multiple coins. This allowed players to play with fake credits and collect their winnings.

The method of using fake coins to trick a slot machine was first used decades ago. In the old days, slot machines only accepted coins based on their weight, so the cheaters would use counterfeit coins to trick the machine. This method was very successful for a long time, but nowadays, modern machines use sophisticated scanning technology to determine the weight and size of coins. Another technique used by criminals was the use of a light wand to fool the machine. This device was inserted into the coin chute and a ‘light’ would be emitted, blinding the payout sensor.

Light wand

A light wand is a device that confuses the optical sensors of a slot machine. This trick allows a player to play slots without ever touching a coin. The wand is inserted through a coin hopper and placed in such a way that it blinds the slot’s optical reader.

The light wand has been around for a while, but it’s not used on all machines. It doesn’t work on newer machines that don’t have a part that stores coins. Instead, players must purchase a machine that is able to accept banknotes.

Shaved coins

Using shaved coins to trick a slot machine was first documented in 1995. The technique is still popular among professional gamblers. The shaved coins trick involves inserting a coin that looks like a gambling coin into a slot machine. Afterward, the machine will register the coin as a valid payment. This trick works because slot machines use a light sensor to register payments, which is independent from the physical comparator.


Some gamblers are influenced by experts who claim to know how to trick a slot machine. However, it is not a good idea to fool the slot machine’s coin sensor. Even though slots have sophisticated security, some glitches in the software could lead to a fake coin triggering the machine’s payoff.


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