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King Richard is a movie that will be released in theaters on January 2nd, 2022. The movie stars many famous actors and actresses, including Christian Bale, as King Richard III of England, who plans to take the throne from his brother Edward IV (played by Benedict Cumberbatch). It also stars Natalie Dormer as Queen Margaret of Anjou, sister to King Edward IV. In this article, we will discuss what is expected for the release date, plot, cast, reviews, and production of this film.


The movie is based on the play of King Richard III by William Shakespeare. It follows a fictionalized history of events that led to the death of Edward IV and his heirs, which eventually leads to Richard being crowned king. In this film, as in Shakespeare’s original work, we see how cunning and ambitious King Richard (played by) is.

At its heart is the story of King Richard III and how he achieved power by destroying anyone who got in his way. The story is based around King Richard III, who has been portrayed as a man with no redeeming qualities. The film is a deeply personal take on the life and times of King Richard III. It also features one of Shakespeare’s most famous speeches, “Now is the winter of our discontent.”The film also features one of Shakespeare’s most famous speeches, “Now is the winter of our discontent.“


  • Benedict Cumberbatch
  • Natalie Dormer,
  • Rory Kinnear.

When looking at the names of these actors, we can see that it’s a star-studded cast! All three are brilliant in their respective roles. If you’re not sure about who to watch out for just based on their name, don’t worry! The trailer will give you a better sense of the characters they play.

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King Richard' trailer: watch Will Smith as Venus and Serena Williams' dad
Source: NME.com

The cast of the film is filled with familiar faces like David Tennant and Rory Kinnear, who both are experienced actors in their own right, but they also bring a sense of authenticity to their characters because they have some experience with Shakespeare, just not this exact piece. We liked how these two brought life into such iconic.


This film production was an international collaboration between BBC Two, PBS Masterpiece, and Fox 21 Television Studios. Every year, there’s a new adaptation of Shakespeare’s “King Richard III.” This time around, it was BBC Two and PBS Masterpiece who collaborated to bring the story back to life.

The film is directed by Dominic Cooke with a screenplay co-written by Ben Power (who also adapted the screenplay from “Shakespeare: His Life”) and playwright Gregory Doran.


We’re excited to see which actors will be nominated for next year’s Academy Awards! We would recommend seeing the film in the theaters because it is only playing for one week! We also think that this movie will be a success and do well in box office sales.

We expect this movie to do well because it is a Shakespeare adaption, and they have made some changes like adapting the play for film, adding songs, making Richard III more sympathetic. This seems to be working out as we predict that King Richard will make $25 million in its opening weekend! We are excited to see it in theaters and hear what other people think!

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