Morbius Series: Enter the World of Vampires


In the Marvel universe of comics, Morbius is a biochemist who experiments on himself by injecting his blood with a serum made from vampire bats. He was created by Roy Thomas and Gil Kane. He has been a sometimes villain, but more often an anti-hero and occasional ally of Spider-Man. Morbius first appeared in “The Amazing Spider-Man”. Morbius is one of the few characters to have been both created for an animated series as well as being portrayed on one. “The Amazing Spider-Man” TV series, he was voiced by actor Michael Bell.

Do you know about the Release Date of Morbius:

This series will be released on 29 January 2022 and also it will be available in three languages: Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. The series has been given mixed to positive reviews from critics and viewers alike. The storyline of “Morbius” shows the human-vampire hybrid Robert Louis Stevenson experimenting on himself with a serum made from vampire bats. He becomes a creature with superhuman strength and can feed on blood. The series was written by Cavan Scott & Mark Burnham and illustrated by Luca Rossi. 

Here is the Plot of The Series Morbius is discussed:

After a scientist gets bitten by a rare creature, he becomes a hybrid of man and vampire, which is where the concept of Morbius comes from. The series trailer definitely shows that the show will be darker than many other superhero sequels.

The Main Cast and the Characters in the Series:

  • Daniel Espinosa  
  • David Livingstone 
  • Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless
  • Mark Maingate
  • Richard Roxburgh as Robert Morbius 
  • Frances O’Connor as Maria Vere
  • Rupert Evans as Gustav Fiers

What are the things which we can get from the Series? 

The Series has many contemporary twists and turns which will touch our hearts in all possible ways. This show gives a different kind of experience for both the audience and the actor. The tension, action and adventure of this show are so thrilling. The actors have been vamped up in their roles as well as themselves. And there is nothing to complain about it. 

Are The Ratings of This Series Good or Bad and Why Should We Watch The Series? 

The ratings of this series are good. With each episode, you will be attracted to it more and more because of its interesting plot twist. There are some disadvantages to it but the downfall is nothing compared to what’s good in it. The ratings of this series are good. It is a great show which will help you to keep your mind busy with its emotional drama. The storyline is so strong that even the smallest details in it are just amazing and the actors have done an awesome job too. With each episode, you will be addicted and this till the end.

Who is the Expecting Audience of The Series? 

The story is so strong and violent that it caters to a mature audience. It is a little creepy at times but all in all, it is a great show for the adults. The storyline will keep you hooked till the very end, without fail. It has such great twists that you will have no words to describe them. For the girls, it is a totally different experience, as they can get entertained by this show. It is a show for adults and it will be better if you don’t watch it after doing heavy work.

Why must we watch this Series? 

If you enjoyed the first season of this series, then you will surely enjoy the second season as well. It is a great show for adults who love to watch good and emotionally exciting drama series. For those who are still looking for something new, Morbius is a show that you must not miss out on. Not only will it keep you wondering about every single twist and turn in the story, but it may also leave you wondering whether other vampire stories might be better than this one. This is definitely a series that should not be missed by anyone. It’s a must-see TV program 


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