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Our Beloved Summer: Episode 13 & amp; 14 Release Date, Cast, Plot Explored

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Another summer is coming to an end and with it the Our Beloved Summer series. Episode 13 and 14 are set to release on September 1st and will explore the cast, plot, and other key aspects of the show. Here is all the information you’ll need to know about the finale series.

There will be a total of two episodes and this series explores the cast, plot, key aspects of the show, and other important information about Our Beloved Summer. It does not seem like these episodes will explore any new ideas but they are set to release on September 1st which is still before their original date of August 31st so it’s possible that there might be some big revelations in these last two episodes.

Do you know about the release date of Our Beloved Summer:

This series will be released on 18  January 2022. Also, the series is famous for its final episode which will finally release on 18 January 2022. The series explores the starting of a new school year through the four characters’ interests along with their willingness to introduce a new member of their class.

Here is the plot of Our Beloved Summer:

Our Beloved Summer is a 2018-2019 Chinese television series produced by Douban, China Television (CTVM) and Huayi Brothers which was broadcast on the night time slot on Zhejiang Television. The show revolves around four students who are looking for their “beloved summer” after a year of school.

The Name of Cast & Characters of Our Beloved Summer:

  • Yao Han
  • Jiangmen Han
  • Yanzi Pan
  • Jiao Zhuang

Note: Jiangnan Han is played by Yemao Han, Pan Yanzi is played by Yemao Han, Pan Jiao Zhuang is played by Yanzi Pan.

What will the weather be like this summer hot, humid, unbearable, or mild?

The weather will be hot and humid. The series has already taken place in the summer, so it’s highly possible that the weather will be quite hot for the main characters. This series will not go into the “relaxed” summer season because the story takes place during the summer.

What kind of final questions should be answered during these final two episodes? 

The series has already explored several aspects of their lives and careers, so there shouldn’t be anything else to explore. The only thing that could be explored is the emotions of some cast members but I highly doubt that will happen as there is only one episode left to wrap up everything for summer. During episode 14, it seems like Jiangnan and Yanzi are broken up with each other after Jiangnan found out about Yanzi’s past, although we don’t know any details about it yet.

What do the four main characters like to do in their spare time?

What do you think? Think of everything you liked to do during your spare time, as long as it doesn’t break too many rules then your guess is probably right. The four protagonists like to play many sports such as table tennis, beach volleyball, badminton, and basketball just to name a few.

How long will it last a few weeks of intense heat or an entire season of sweating?

An entire season of sweating would probably be the most realistic. However, since the series has already taken place during the summer however I doubt that it will last an entire season to the bitter end. The series does seem to get quite intense at times for the characters but I doubt it will last that long.

How many friends will break up? What kind of situations will be brought?

In the last episodes 14 and 15, the four main protagonists do seem to get quite serious with their feelings. It seems like Jiangnan and Yanzi have broken up because of Yanzi’s past, although we don’t know any details about it yet. Since these episodes are already set to release on September 1st therefore we can see some of these breakups take place in these episodes.

Will any episodes be directed by the same director?

No, the series has currently been directed by many different directors including Yuan Shao, Zhen Lin, and Kong Jian. The directors are reported to have often featured their other work in between each episode and that some of the episodes have not been confirmed yet in the series.

Why is there a series of Our Beloved Summer?

This series was made to promote many supporting cast members who play the students in the same class as the main characters plus it also promotes the new actors and actresses who play as a side characters in the series. In addition, it seems like this series is sponsored by several companies such as Nike, Adidas, and many others due to the sports equipment that they use within each episode.

What do you think about the fact that this series should have come out earlier this year?

Also, do you think that it was a good idea to make a second, final season of Our Beloved Summer with the ending already and set to release in September? Or do you think there should have been another season altogether? These series produced by Douban, CTVM and Huayi Brothers are known for their “ideal endings” which I believe should have been set off sooner rather than later.

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