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Ozark Season 4: The Newest TV Series Is Here – Everything You Need To Know!

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Ozark is a Netflix Original TV series, and it’s about to come back for its fourth season. The show follows the story of Marty Byrde, a Chicago-based financial advisor who moves his family from the city to an Ozarks mountain resort community called “The Lake of the Ozarks” as part of a money-laundering scheme that goes wrong.

About Ozark:

The show was created by Bill Dubuque, who had worked on films such as The Judge and The Accountant. Dubuque said that Ozark presents a “fun opportunity” because it is something different from his usual work.

The show focuses on the family of Marty Byrde, a financial planner who moves from Chicago to Missouri with his wife and two kids to launder $500 million for a Mexican drug cartel. Ozark season four will see the Byrde family running their business in Missouri. Meanwhile, they will try to save themselves from a Mexican cartel and FBI agents.

Release Date:

The release date for the fourth season of OZARK has not been announced yet, but it is expected to be on screens in 2022.


The fourth season of OZARK will be produced again by Media Rights Capital and distributed worldwide by Netflix. Jason Bateman also serves as an executive producer on the show, alongside his wife Amanda Anka, who is a talented actress in her own right and has been seen on TV shows like Modern Family and Arrested Development.


The upcoming season of the show will be filmed in Atlanta while some scenes are going to take place in New Orleans. Filming for Ozark began earlier this month and wrapped up a few days ago, according to Jason Bateman on Twitter. ‘Ozark’ Season-Finale Filming Wrapped: Jason Bateman Tweets Photo from Set – Forbes.

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The Starring Cast:

In the previous seasons, many new faces have been introduced each time as they portray supporting characters to the main cast.

  • Jason Bateman, who will reprise his role as Marty Byrde.
  • These include Esai Morales,
  • Jon Bernthal, and
  • Lisa Emery will be back in season four of Ozark to reprise their roles as Del Rey (a Mexican drug cartel leader),
  • Kurt Bunker (a Vietnam War veteran), and
  • Ruth Langmore, respectively.

The Plot:

Ozark season four is going to be the final installment of the series so expect a grand finale full of action and twists. The new episodes are rumored to be set in New Orleans and San Francisco, where money laundering takes place through banks and casinos.

The series is shot in Atlanta, Georgia, where the Byrde family was relocated to continue running their money laundering business. However, they will be moving again after this season due to safety concerns for Marty’s daughter, who was murdered during one of the criminal activity scandals that caught up with him.

Ozark Season 4 : The Return of the Netflix series and latest updates -  Finance Rewind
Source: Finance Rewind.com

The story will continue on the aftermath of Byrde’s daughter’s death within season four and how they find ways to get away from it without being caught by other criminal organizations who are after them or even law enforcement agencies that want their arrest.


The series is expected to be a masterpiece, just like its previous seasons. With the production team and cast doing their best in bringing justice to characters that were not well explained during season one, viewers are looking forward to more compelling stories as they wait anxiously for the new episodes every week. Ozark season four is expected to be one of the most-watched shows this year. The series’ viewership has grown each season, and a lot of people are eagerly waiting for its return.

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The show has a solid fan base, and the critics have been mostly positive about it so far, with Season Three being called “engaging” by Business Insider. Fans are expecting great things from this new season of Ozark since they know that their favorite characters will be back in action again soon.


Ozark received mixed reviews from critics. On Rotten Tomatoes, the first season holds a 65% approval rating based on 42 reviews with an average score of six out of ten, while Season two has 61%, five stars (out of seven) from 21 reviewers, respectively.

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