Scaredy Cats season one : Is the Netflix series worth watching?

Scaredy Cats

Scaredy Cats season one is a Netflix series that has all the makings of an adorable show for kids. It’s about a 12-year-old girl named Willa Ward and her friends Scout and Lucy. The series is a perfect children’s show. It has elements of fantasy and adventure, but it is not too scary for younger kids. Scaredy Cats has only nine episodes in its first season. It fits perfectly into your family’s Netflix queue during the summer or on a rainy day. It should be easy to binge-watch this adorable series. But before you start watching Scaredy Cats on Netflix or have your kids watch it for the first time here are some details about the series.

Did Scaredy Cats season one release?

Yes, Scaredy Cats season one was released on October 1, 2021. The series was a much-anticipated series. It has 9 episodes that were released simultaneously. Each episode has about 20 minutes duration.

Is Scaredy Cats season one worth watching?

Scaredy Cats is a cute animated TV show that can be enjoyed by both kids and their parents. It might not have the cleverest jokes but it does entertain little ones who are looking for something light to watch on Netflix. The series has good animation, endearing characters, witty humor, and crisp storytelling. This makes them definitely more than just an average show on Netflix!

What is the plot of the Scaredy Cats season one?

Scaredy Cats | Netflix Official Site

It is a live-action fantasy series. It all starts when 12-year-old Willy receives a mysterious glowing cat amulet as her birthday gift. This opens Willy and her friends to the world of magic. All the three girls can turn into makeshift cats to fend off bad witches who try to steal the amulet.

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The cast of the series

  • Sophia Reid-Gantzert as Willa Ward
  • Ava Augustin as Scout
  • Daphne Hoskins as Lucy
  • Caroline Taylor as Wanda
  • Lauren McGibbon as Wilma

Does the series has enough storytelling?

The Scaredy Cats does have enough storytelling to keep the little viewers entertained. There are only nine episodes in each half-hour, but they never get dull or draggy.

How well was the series received?

The Scaredy Cats was positively received by the critics. It was equally loved by kids and adults. The series is filled with magic and adventure and it is a great show to watch with your kids.

Scaredy Cats (TV Series 2021– ) - IMDb

Is episode one worth watching?

Yes, episode one is an awesome adventure that young children will love while older ones can enjoy as well. Scaredy Cats are simply adorable!

What does season one cover?

Season one covers the first half of Willa’s adventures with her friends as they try to protect themselves from bad witches who are after their amulets.

Is there any trailer released for the series?

Yes, the trailer was released prior to the release of the series. The trailer is also fun-filled and less scary.

Will the series be renewed for season two?

Probably Yes, Scaredy Cats is going to have a second season which will be available on Netflix probably in 2022. Netflix hasn’t announced when to expect it yet. Season one concluded with the show’s storyline leaving it wide open for future seasons to come.

Scaredy Cats | Netflix Official SiteWe don’t know much about Scaredy Cat Season Two at this point but it promises not to disappoint its young fans as Willa and her friends will be continuing their adventures.

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Why do I recommend watching this amazing series?

I think Scaredy Cats is a great series for kids and adults alike to watch. It keeps the viewers entertained with its spectacular animation, characters, and storylines. Yes, I would definitely recommend Season One on Netflix which has received positive reviews from many of its young fans who have watched it so far.


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