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Scream 5: What Information We Have On The New Mask

Scream movies have been entertaining us from many years. We all love to watch the horror thriller movie Scream. Till now, we have fourth parts of this franchise, and fans are now waiting for Scream 5. Are you also the one who is also waiting for the fifth part? Dont worry; here we have some official details about Scream 5.

The fifth part of the movie was confirmed years after the demands and requests of fans. The makers of the movie have also announced the future parts of the movie.  Fans will now be going to have Scream 6 also. Isnt it good news for all of us? Get to know about the details we have for the fifth installment.

Here’s What Roger L Jackson revealed about Ghostface’s New Mask

We all know about Roger L. Jackson. We all are fans of this star as he has been with the Scream franchise from years and has dub the main character Ghostface in the four films. He is all set to do his role in the fifth run. The star has also revealed that he will not have a new mask in the fifth part of this horror movie.

Source: YouTube.com

Fans were excited after hearing all this news from the star. So once again, the star is returning to haunt you with the character Ghostface. Are you all ready to welcome Scream 5?

Shout 5 will focus on a girl who returns to the old neighborhood; at that point, she faces terrible homicide cases identified with a notorious concealed chronic executioner. The storyline of the movie will be super exciting to watch.

What’s The Production STatus For Scream 5

The production house and the makers revealed In November 2019 that they will make the fifth part of this horror movie. This year, the advancement of the venture formally started.

The production work for the movie was delayed due to the pandemic situation. The production work will resume again, as reported by the maker. Fans will get to see the fifth part of the movie in late 2021. We will update this when the makers will announce its exact release date.

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