Stay Home Club: Entertaining Things to Do on A Night in


Everyone knows that staying in is the new going out! This may be our age talking, but the idea of getting ready to go out at 8 and getting to the club around 10 sounds like the stuff of nightmares! No, by 8 you’ll find us in our pajamas on the couch with a glass of wine or a cup of tea, settling in for a long night of low-key series binging, reading, or puzzle constructing.

But lets say, just for argument’s sake, that you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary to do on your night in. You’re feeling antsy; not antsy enough to get dressed and leave the house, but far too antsy to do the same things you did last weekend and the weekend before. We’ve got the solution: a curated list of things to do on your next night in. You could play bingo online, learn some dance moves, or cook something new and exciting! Check out all of the best things to do on your relaxing night at home.

Online bingo

Break out the laptop and grab your partner to cheer you on; it’s time to play some online bingo! Playing bingo used to be for our grandparents, but over the last decade or so, it has experienced an exciting resurgence and rebranded itself to include younger players in the fun. Find a reputable online casino (and be mindful of the minimum age to play), add some cash to your account, and get ready for some classic bingo fun in your own living room.

Cards Against Humanity

For this one, you’ll need to invite some friends to join you, which might mean putting on real clothes…but we promise it will be worth it! Cards Against Humanity is a viral card game that was released a few years ago and it is one of the most hilarious ways to get to know your friends on a deeper level. One player puts down a sentence card but the sentence has a piece missing. Then all the other players put down cards with sentence fragments or words on them to answer the question the sentence card asks, or fill in the missing space. The most hilariously inappropriate combination wins!

Cook something new

Yes, we know that cooking is hardly a new activity, but hear us out! We’re talking about staying home with your partner or a friend and cooking an entirely new meal together from start to finish. Try something more complicated or exotic than the mac and cheese you would normally make on a regular week night: look for a recipe that has a lot of components and takes more time to cook than you would usually have available. Make a slow-cooked roast, try making pasta from scratch, or try out that classic Julia Child beef bourguignon you’ve been drooling over for years. Make cooking the meal the main event. Throw on your apron, pour a drink, put on your favorite tunes, and take your time. Once the meal is ready to eat, set a beautiful table, light some candles, and treat yourself to a delicious home-cooked meal. 


At-home spa night

Gather all your pamper products: the hair treatments, face masks, foot bath, and nail kit and get ready for a pamper night on the sofa. Whatever relaxes you the most, be it a fresh set of gel nails, sparkling clean and deliciously scented hair, or freshly tweezed brows, line up those treatments and enjoy. This goes for both guys and girls!

Learn a TikTok dance

Remember when we were younger and we would watch our favorite music videos over and over again, pausing and unpausing them as we tried to learn the dance moves? Well this is like that, except now we need to be careful how we bend lest we pop our backs out! Go through all the funnest dances on your TikTok feed and pick one to learn. For extra kicks, record yourself doing the dance once you’ve got the moves mastered, and who knows, you might be the next dance video that someone uses to learn the dance!


Rearrange your sitting room

This is the perfect time to move that painting that’s been bugging you for months, or shift the sofa into a position that minimizes glare on the TV. Go wild and change your sitting room around into a whole new configuration. Refresh your space without spending too much extra money, and make your home an exciting place to be, like it was when you had just moved in. Switch out pillow cases, put different photos in the frames, or swap out the table cloth: anything to give the space a fresh feel.

Wrap up

Any of these ideas will keep you entertained for hours when you take time out and spend a night at home. They can be as low-cost as you like, take as long as you want, and end when you get tired. Who needs going out? Not us!


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