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The API3 price forecast: Will it go north?

Going forward, we cannot state with any certainty that the price of API3 will rise. However, some investors can take advantage of it. LeopoldUlrichstep-by-stetotoThe more conservative investor may decide to hedge their bet by shorting the market, which provides their returns on the upside and downside plus protection from a downtrend. An alternative investment plan would be to buy put options at today’s valuation level in hopes that they’ll be able to sell them at a higher value later (some online websites even allow you to buy these in bulk). Though this strategy would have only limited risk and has limited time restrictions as well, there is a possibility of losing money if you don’t get assigned one of those puts.

What is the API3 coin?

API3 coin is a utility/privacy package for investors who are interested in diversifying into the cryptocurrency market. It is designed to be the future of money, but it will be more than that. Certain components of API3 such as virtual storage, virtual machines, mailing service and more will be a part of the program. This will allow users to integrate their existing business processes with the platform for easy operation. The project will consist of three layers: The application layer consists of services that provide value to end-users; an architecture layer which includes a combination of hardware and software where the application components run on top; and finally, a foundation layer which includes all forms of support including technology, governance, and community.

The value proposition of API3 coin:

• Value for investors/traders/speculators: With the current price of API3 it is one of the cheapest cryptocurrencies on the market about its projected value. So if you believe that cryptocurrency will rise in value and gain mass adoption, then using a small percentage of your portfolio to grab some API3 coins could be a good investment. As an example, if your bitcoin holdings are set at 10 percent, you can invest 10 percent in API3.

• Utility for individuals and corporations: As mentioned above, there will be services like virtual storage, virtual machines, and more that can be utilized by individuals and corporations. The thought is that once the ecosystem is up and running, the value for these services will rise.

• Privacy for individuals and corporations: Blockchain technologies are still in their infancy and becoming more popular. One of the main reasons for this is its ability to provide anonymity through cryptography and decentralization. While some may view this as a negative aspect, many prefer privacy over transparency as it gives them additional security. Moreover, people are worried that their financial details will be sold to interested third parties, which has been reported in various news sources.

API3 coin supply:

There will be a total of 1 billion API3 coins ever minted, with 500 million made available during the first phase of sales in August 2017. The remaining 500 million will be produced and distributed at a rate of one billion per year for the next 24 years.

There is a small long-term risk involved. There is the possibility that ICOs will fail and investors may lose their money, which happened to almost all ICOs that occurred in 2017, especially those from Telegram, Bancor, and Status. While there are some risks involved in this ICO, it’s mainly because there is no real product yet. The API3 coin can have its value skyrocket if the project turns out to be more than just a whitepaper.

What is your sentiment on API3/USD?

In their whitepaper, the team at API3 Coin claims that their platform will replace the need for services like credit cards, smart contracts, digital wallets, and more. However, they also say that these will still be needed in the future as they describe this being an “agnostic” platform. This is one of the main factors that make us think that a long-term rise in value is possible considering that other cryptocurrencies have not replaced these services yet.

Meanwhile, the use of blockchain technology has been getting more popular over time and so will cryptocurrency as well. If a large number of people want to use cryptocurrencies for various purposes, then demand for these coins will increase.

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