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The Outlaws: Ending, Explained: Who Was Christian Taylor?

The Outlaws series, written by Margaret Peterson Haddix, has always been a strong seller. And this is not without good reason: the series has a well-told story and characters that people can easily connect with. However, as with any story, some questions remain unanswered. In this post, we explore one of these questions – who was Christian Taylor?

Christian Taylor was the second son of John and Helen Taylor, who were the parents of three children: Benjamin (the oldest), Luke (middle child), and Christian. For most of the time, before he leaves for college in Scotland, Christian is living at home with his parents and older brother Benjamin while his two younger siblings go to public school during their education years. The children were very close and frequently went on vacation together (including to Scotland). The family was devout Christians and their religion played a major role in their lives.

After Christian’s brother Luke’s death, Christian takes over the responsibility for his older brother’s funeral arrangements. Luke, who suffered from muscular dystrophy and cerebral palsy, died unexpectedly from complications from the disease. 

Do you know about the release date of The Outlaws series:

This series will be released on 5 June 2022. Also, the series has an interesting point in the story where these books will be based on a particular person. The series is based on Christian Taylor, Benjamin and Luke’s brother, who died at a young age. The series also relates to other characters as well in the story that I have just told. The series was published by HarperCollins. When Christian comes home from college, he finds that his father John has recently had a heart attack, and is seriously ill. He is not sure if his father can survive and very much needs money to pay for the treatment he needs. 

Here is the plot of The Outlaws series discussed:

The plot of the series is based on Christian Taylor, who was Benjamin and Luke’s brother. He decides to steal from the museum which turns out to be a huge goof-up and affects many lives. Even then he manages to survive. Later he takes up the responsibility for his brother’s funeral arrangements and goes through a lot of pain doing so.  He also has a close encounter with someone who is after the gold plates that his family owned for generations. This is one of the best books and I would rate it 5/5 as it relates to modern-day problems, and real-life issues and has a great plot that makes you want to keep reading more towards the end of the series.

The Name of Cast & Characters of The Outlaws series:

  • Rhianne Barreto · Rani Rekowski 
  • Darren Boyd · John Halloran 
  • Gamba Cole · Christian Taylor 
  • Charles Babalola · Malaki 
  • Jessica Gunning · Diane

What can we expect from the Outlaws series?

We can expect many things in the series. In the series, Christian Taylor takes up a dangerous job that eventually makes him lose his life. But he is back in the end, and this is what people want to see. Another thing we can expect is that he gets married to his girlfriend and has a child with her. They have a good life filled with happiness, joy, love, and laughter – just the way things should be! Within these books, there are many funny parts as well as sad parts throughout the series. Some perfect cliffhangers leave us wondering about what will happen next.

Who are the director’s favorite characters and why?

The favorite characters of the directors are Christian Taylor and Benjamin Taylor. They have a great story, tremendous character development, and a thrilling plot. This is what makes them so brilliant as well as the stand-out characters in the series. Otherwise, it would not have been such a great story. 

What is the storyline of the Outlaws series?

The storyline of the series is about a boy named Christian Taylor who is the younger brother of Benjamin (the oldest), and Luke (the middle child). He decides to work at a museum to save his father’s life. But in doing so he ends up stealing a rare gold plate, known as the Gold Plates of Ireta. This is what makes the whole story turn out differently than expected. Since then it has become a huge game of cat and mouse, between law enforcement and Christian. He then becomes wanted by the FBI and finds himself being chased all over the world.

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