The Purge 6 American Dystopian Action Horror Film Expectations

The Purge 6
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It is expected that the movie will be released in 2022. But it would not make any sense if the series continue to wait for another year after completing its sixth installment! The Purge movies always have a new theme along with a new cast to give a different feel to the audience. The same is expected for the next movie too! Now, the question is whether the upcoming installment will be a part of The Purge franchise or not? Know everything about The Purge 6.

About Purge 6:

The Purge is a 2013 American dystopian action horror film written and directed by James DeMonaco. The first installment in the franchise was released on June 07, 2013. The first five movies are all related to each other. So, it would make sense if the next movie has something in common with these films! It seems that James DeMonaco might have come up with an entirely different idea for this horror series.

Release Date of The Purge 6:

The release date for the 6th part of The Purge has not been announced yet, but it is expected to be on screens in 2022.

Production of The Purge 6:

The Purge movie is being developed by Blumhouse Productions. The popular production company has been involved in the development of several successful films, including ‘Get Out, ‘Split’ and more recently ‘Halloween’. DeMonaco is set to return as the director of Universal Pictures’ “The Purge” franchise, with Blumhouse Productions producing all three films in the series. He wrote and directed 2013’s ‘The Purge,’ 2014’s ‘Anarchy’, 2016’s ‘Election Year’.

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The Purge movie is expected to be filmed in the same location as its predecessors, but no filming locations have been announced yet.

Box Office:

The first film grossed $89 million against a $15 million budget and the second installment in 2014 earned over $110 million worldwide with its production cost being around $12 million.


The Purge (film) was nominated for five awards at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards, winning Best New Star. The first film was nominated for the Saturn Award for Best Horror Film and the second won a People’s Choice Award for Favorite Action Movie.

The Starring Cast:

There is not much information about casting either. But it seems that rumors are circling around Jeffery Combs (Nero), who appeared in The Purge, who will make an appearance in this horror film.

Purge 6 Script Is Complete, Will Feature "Remapped" America

The Plot:

The plot of the movie is not clear yet. But it seems, that this time the horror purge will happen in Los Angeles rather than New York City. This makes sense because there are more people living in L.A. making for a greater chance of events happening during the 12 hours period. The plot is still unknown. But it seems that the movie will follow a family, who are forced to fight for their lives when being attacked by someone in a home invasion.

This movie is about the purge, a 12-hour period where all crime including murder is legal. But this year will be different as it has been 20 years since the last one happened. The New Founding Fathers of America have created some rules that are more extreme than before to prevent any consequences from happening again.

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On Rotten Tomatoes the film has an approval rating of 33% based on 86 reviews, with a weighted average score of 51 out of 100. On Metacritic the film has a normalized score of 48 out of 100, based on 27 critics, indicating “mixed or average reviews”.


The Hollywood Reporter said the film was “a step down from its predecessors in terms of basic execution” and that it felt like a made-for-TV movie. Variety critic Guy Lodge wrote: “.the series’ fifth feature proves the least distinctive, even if DeMonaco hasn’t lost his flair for social satire”. This film will definitely make you think about the movie and what it could be leading up to. The idea is original, but we don’t know how far they’re going with this story. It’s a different turn for the series and I’m looking forward to seeing where that goes next.


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