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All The Latest News On Season 4 Of Startup, Including Release Date And Plot!

Season 3 of Startup has come to an end, and we are all left with the question “What’s next?” Well, Season 4 is coming soon! The fourth season will be premiering on November 2nd.

This season follows the company in their new headquarters in Berlin. In this blog post, you will find everything that you need to know about this upcoming season including release date, plot spoilers for those who don’t want them, cast members and crew members involved with production as well as reviews from critics!


Season four will follow the company in their new headquarters in Berlin. A few things that are certain from this plot is that there will be a lot of tech culture, as it will be taking place in Germany’s capital and Silicon Valley (which still hasn’t recovered after last season).

The showrunners for Startup have said how Berlin is really interesting because it has a lot of similarities to Silicon Valley since both places have startups and thriving tech cultures. This season will have ten episodes total and explore what life is like for Piper Perabo’s character after she has a child with her new husband Alex Schuman character.


The first two episodes are slated to start airing next spring in 2022. There is no time of day listed, but it’s likely to be in the evening due to its release date.


  • You can expect the usual Startup cast members in this season including Martin Freeman, Adam Brody, Edi Gathegi, Otmara Marrero, and Ron Perlman.
  • These actors will be joined by Jet Li and John Ortiz, who also play major roles in the show.
  • This season will feature an entirely new cast with only Erika Christensen returning from the previous three seasons as Alex Schuman.

Will 'StartUp' Get a Season 4 on Netflix? | Decider
Source: Decider.com


Startup Season four is set in Los Angeles and includes new stories about tech culture, focusing on Silicon Beach. The new season will take place over six months of time rather than just a few days like past seasons have done in order to tell more complex stories about growth and expansion within the business world.

Since it’s taking place outside Silicon Valley this season, there will be more focus on competition between companies as they all try to expand and grow. From the trailer, we know that there will be a continuation of many characters from past seasons. In addition to being set in Los Angeles this season, viewers can also expect new stories about tech culture and advancements in LA’s own Silicon Beach community.

The first episode of the fourth season will air sometime next Spring with no release date yet announced by Hulu. Viewers can also expect new stories about tech culture and advancements in L.A.’s Silicon Beach community, with scenes of people working out on the beach to stay fit during their lunch break or a murder happening at an Uber-like company all filmed around LA’s favorite spots from Malibu to Venice boardwalk.


The new season was filmed in both Los Angeles, California, and Vancouver, Canada over the course of eight weeks. Though it’s unclear when Startup Season four is set for the release date, we can expect a Spring premiere at some point this year. A trailer from Hulu teased much of what to expect this season; one scene shows a murder in broad daylight at what appears to be an Uber-like company.


“There is so much going on that we can’t wait to get out there and show you,” said Rodriguez. She also revealed that the show has been filming for almost six months and they’ve just started post-production.”

We’re telling really interesting stories about these companies that are just figuring out there’s this new world order, and we’re going to see how it all unfolds,” said Rodriguez. “It’ll explore the high-tech culture with a lot of energy.”Expectations for Season Four of Startup are high because Season Three was well received by viewers and critics.

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