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Crimes of the Future: David Cronenberg Expects Walkouts Of Cannes

It’s no secret that David Cronenberg is a provocateur. His films are often filled with graphic violence and perverse sex scenes, which have led to numerous walkouts over the years at the Cannes Film Festival. This year, the director is expecting more of the same. In an interview with Screen Daily, Cronenberg predicted “some people will leave in disgust” during screenings of his new film Crimes of the Future. And yet, he says, “I’m interested in making films that force audiences to question their own preconceptions.” 

“The film is about the loss of privacy and anonymity in society. With social media and technology, your phone has become a Trojan horse. It gives everyone information about you and allows them to find out where you are at any given moment.

Do you know about the release date of the Crimes of the Future Series:

This series will be released on 25 May 2022. Also, the series has been directed by different directors namely: Peter Watkins, Kim Jee-Woon, Joe Swanberg, and David Cronenberg. The screenplay of the movie is written by: Burghard Remmert.

The film stars Bruce Greenwood as a widower who becomes obsessed with tracking down the man who raped and murdered his wife six months earlier. In an interview with Slashfilm, director David Cronenberg said he “wanted to make something about megalomania and narcissism” for his second episode of the anthology series. He also added that he “was interested in making something about a character losing self-awareness.

Here is the plot of the Crimes of the Future Series discussed:

The plot of the Crimes Of The Future series revolves around a group of strangers who are brought together after the death of a close friend. This series is updated on different technologies and it also depicts a fictitious story that includes high-tech and futuristic things. Soon after he was kidnapped, the unknown assailant discovers that his captive has been mutilated; he then gets creative with his punishment.

The Name of Cast & Characters of Crimes of the Future Series:

  • Jon Lidolt
  • Tania Zolty
  • Paul Mulholland 
  • Jack Messinger 
  • Iain Ewing
  • William Haslam

What inspired the director to write the Crimes of the Future series?

The series is inspired by the recent scenario in the world. The series contains many things which are happening in the real world and that’s why it has gotten a lot of attention. The series contains many crime stories and the track of each story is very realistic. The stories are very unique and have never been told before. The series is a combination of different aspects like mystery, drama, action, etc.

Why is the series famous?

This series is famous because it contains different stories with different topics and each topic is very interesting to watch. Different directors have worked on this film with their own style because each director has a different story in his mind that’s why they have directed differently. 

This series consists of only one part; so, the viewers will get to know about the things happening in it in detail and they can also enjoy its story realistically. This series will have thrillers, murders, deaths, and many more things that will make you go crazy while watching it.

What are the differences between the Crimes of the Future series and his other films?

It is a crime thriller series made on a budget of $1 million. The director shot all 4 episodes of the movie in a single take in real-time. The screenplay has been written by Burghard Remmert, who has worked with him earlier too. Each episode shows different kinds of crimes and the characters are connected to each other through a diary which they find at some point during their investigations.

What is its connection with the TV show Black Mirror?

The show also depicts different types of stories that have a connection with technology and will give you goosebumps soon after watching it. It is one of the most-watched shows in England. It focuses on different types of technology and their impact on man. So Crimes of Future series has some connection with Black Mirror Series as both depict different types of similar scenarios to make you think about them. 

How will cybercrime affect the Crimes of the Future series?

Cybercrime and its effects on Crimes of The Future Series are portrayed with different types of things in it. Each story tells how technology can be used to reach any place, can destroy all evidence, can kidnap anyone and even hide your tracks, make you someone else, etc.


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