Dragon Age Series: Development, Filming, Plot, Cast and Expectations!

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The Dragon Age series is a video game franchise that was created by BioWare. It has been one of the fastest-selling RPG franchises in recent history, and its popularity continues to grow with each new release.

With the latest installment for the series being released on November 18th, 2018, there are many questions about what this means for players – as well as what comes next! In this article, we will take a look at how BioWare creates games like Dragon Age and why they have such high ratings from critics and fans alike.


Dragon Age is a series of fantasy role-playing video games developed by BioWare Edmonton and published on various platforms. It was created in 2009 as the spiritual successor to Baldur’s Gate, one of Bioware’s best-known game franchises which it had acquired from Interplay Entertainment during its bankruptcy proceedings. The first installment in the franchise was released in 2009.


NETFLIX has announced that dragon age is under active development. The audience can hardly wait for the renewal.


It includes protagonist Cassandra Pentaghast played by Miranda Raison; Varric Tethras played by Pedro Pascal; Vivienne de la Fere played by Nancy Sorel; Solas played by Liam O’Brien; and Leliana, voiced by Corinne Kempa.


The game’s protagonist is the human warrior “Hawke,” who fights against a powerful empire called the Darkspawn, which has been unleashed upon the world after an apocalyptic event known as The Blight. Dragon Age: Origins was well received by critics and garnered several awards, including RPG of the Year from multiple outlets, and was the fastest-selling game in Bioware’s history.

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The second installment of the Dragon Age series “Dragon Age II” is set five years after the events of Origins and follows Hawke’s son as he fights his way across warring nations to bring peace back to their homeland. It received mixed reviews from critics and did not meet the sales expectations of its predecessor.

The third installment “Dragon Age: Inquisition” was released on November 18, 2014, in North America and Europe for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation, Xbox 360, PSN Vita, and OS X. Bioware has announced that Dragon Age is their largest game to date with a team size larger than that of both Origins and Dragon Age II.

The plot takes place after a decade-long period without peace and prosperity, with many regions of the world in chaos and threatening to descend into war or worse. The PLOT revolves around one central question: “Who is the actual hero?” As in other BioWare games like Mass Effect, players can choose to play as either male or female characters-with fully developed stories for both.


The production team needed to create new technology from scratch to realize the plot’s ambition on BioWare’s largest scale yet with stunning results. The plot has been built as a long-term, branching storyline that can be played through with a couple of different companions in any combination. Players will have the freedom to explore various regions of Thedas and make pivotal decisions about how they want their story to unfold– including defining who lives or dies as part of the narrative.

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Exclusive: Dragon Age Netflix Series In Development
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There are both positive reviews as well as negative ones with the main complaint being that combat isn’t much different than past, which can make for repetitive gameplay. Plot arcs are seemingly planned with surprises. It has been met with mostly positive reviews, praising the story, characters, voice performances, world design, and combat system but criticizing its lack of polish in some areas as well as its frustrating technical issues on several platforms.


With a team size larger than that of both Origins and Dragon Age II, Bioware has announced that Dragon Age is their largest game to date. With a team size larger than that of both Origins and Dragon Age II, the developers will be trying to deliver an immersive experience with a deep story while maintaining some aspects from previous titles to maintain a sense of familiarity for fans.


It was scored 87 on Metacritic with the review stating that “Dragon Age: Inquisition is a remarkable achievement in role-playing, and its enormous scope coupled with strong characterization makes it one of this fall’s best games.”


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