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Supercrooks Anime: Production, Casting, Reviews!

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Supercrooks anime plot, cast, and production details are finally revealed. Netflix’s latest collaboration with comic book legend Mark Millar is a thrilling action-adventure story about a crew of super-villains who stumble upon the greatest treasure in all the world – a weapon that grants them near limitless power. It will take more than just brawn to defeat these heroes gone bad.

About Supercrooks:

Supercrook’s plot revolves around the idea of a group of super-villains who plan to rob from another similarly powered set, but encounter obstacles along the way. Netflix has been producing a lot of original anime recently. This is actually their third released this year, following Devilman Crybaby and Neo Yokio.

Release Date of Supercrooks:

The release date for Supercooks is expected to be on screens in 2022, however, no official announcement has been made.


Netflix has produced multiple shows in-house, as well as with other companies such as Dreamworks Animation. Supercrooks is being worked on by the team at Millarworld and Netflix Anime Studio.


Filming for the anime series was completed in 2019.


Netflix has yet to list any awards for the anime. However, Millarworld is well known in its comic book industry and Supercrooks may be able to garner similar recognition.


Netflix has not released any official information on how much their production budgets are, but the average anime series costs roughly $150 million to produce. Supercrooks is expected to be a huge hit. Netflix has been seeing great success with its anime productions, and Supercrooks looks like it will follow suit.

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SuperCrooks Anime Nearly Complete, First Look Arrival Date Revealed
Source: CBR.com

The Starring Cast:

The voice actors for Supercrooks are currently unknown, however, that may change in the future as more information becomes available about this series.

Supercrooks plot:

The plot follows the lives of four ex-bank robbers who find themselves on the run from a vicious gangster after attempting to quit life as criminals one last time. While the plot is unoriginal, it’s combined with Millar’s trademark dialogue and action sequences which more than makes up for its lack of creativity. It was also made into a comic book series, published by Image Comics in 2011-2012.


Reviews have praised the plot for its “perfect blend of action and comedy” while criticizing it for being unoriginal. Supercrooks has not yet been released. However, it is expected to be a hit based on the plot and cast. Supercrook’s plot seems interesting enough to draw viewers into watching it, although not everyone agrees that this plot will be able to hold the interest of viewers. Some reviews claim that the plot is a bit meandering and doesn’t really go anywhere, while others believe it’s a great plot with an interesting cast.


There is no rating on the anime, but it’s expected to be high. The reviews of Supercrooks are positive so far, with an average rating on Rotten Tomatoes at 74%. Critics praised its plot and animation style, while some did note that it wasn’t one of Netflix’s best works.

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Supercrooks plot and the cast have many looking forward to watching this movie series when it comes out in 2018. With a plot that follows international thieves trying to get their hands on riches while avoiding law enforcement and some of their former criminal companions, this plot has been described as unique and full of drama.

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