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The American Housewife Season 6: Plot, Cast, And Production Details!

The plot for American Housewife is about a young mom who lives in the suburbs of Connecticut with her husband and three children. The plot follows Katie Otto, played by Katy Mixon, as she navigates family life and all its ups and downs with sass, humor, intelligence, and tenacity. This article is about The American Housewife Season 6.

About The American Housewife Season 6:

The American Housewife is an American television sitcom that premiered on October 11, 2016. The show was created by Sarah Dunn and stars Katy Mixon in the lead role of Katie Otto who lives with her family in Westport, Connecticut. It is produced by ABC Studios.

In this show, Katie Otto is a housewife who feels all the time that she cannot be perfect in anything but still manages to do so by helping around the household where not only does she have three kids and a husband but they also live with his mother who is very controlling about their lives.

Release Date of The American Housewife Season 6:

The release date for the American Housewife season 6 has not been released yet, but it is expected to be on screens in 2022.


The production for American Housewife season has been started and there are few pictures from the set available on the internet. It is being filmed in Los Angeles, California as per reports.


The revenue for American Housewife has gone up consistently since the beginning of its release. It can be expected that after the completion of season six, it will have crossed over a billion dollars in revenues easily.

The Starring Cast:

  • The cast includes many famous names such as Katy Mixon and Diedrich Bader who play Katie Otto and Greg Otto respectively.
  • Other than them we can find Meg Donnelly playing Taylor,
  • Daniel DiMaggio playing Cyrus,
  • Julia Butters playing Anna-Kat,
  • Carly Hughes playing Frankie and
  • Ali Wong as Doris.

The Plot:

The plot for this show revolves around Katie Otto who struggles with being perfect in her job, raising three kids, and dealing with the issues of living in Westport, Connecticut where everyone has a perfect life including their children’s successes. She often overshadows these experiences because she feels so inferior to them all which is something her family tries to make her aware of.

She is constantly made aware of her inferiority to other wives in the neighborhood but manages to shine through by helping out around the house with all sorts of problems that almost everyone else has. Her family tries their best to keep her grounded and not let her feel so bad about herself which seems fairly easy when she feels like nothing she does will ever be good enough.

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The show is very popular amongst the viewers and has got an average rating of around 0.97 in its previous seasons which are surely going to increase with the new plot, cast, and production details that will be there for American Housewife season six. In its first season of release, it was able to grab a total number of 11 million viewers with a rating of 46% which means that it was able to grab about half of the total audience in America.


The reviews for American Housewife are mostly positive, especially about production values and acting skills. A few people have commented on its plot that it is not very unique but they still give good comments on actors who do justice even if characters are similar. The reviews are mixed with some critics being very harsh on the show calling it “dull” and “monotonous”. However, most of the reviews agree with it being a female-centric show and have been mostly positive.


American Housewife is expected to become a hit and get good ratings for the season. ABC has been able to grab viewers because of its plot twists, new characters, and humor that makes it different from other sitcoms. With this in mind, production expects much success with American Housewife.

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