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The Invisible Pilot: HBO Series Produced By Adam McKay

The Invisible Pilot, an upcoming HBO series produced by Adam McKay, is set to take the world by storm. The show tells the story of a man who returns home after being presumed dead for five years and tries to reconnect with his family. The pilot was shot in Pittsburgh and is set to air in 2022. The creator of the show, Adam McKay, lives in Pittsburgh and is a graduate of Pitt. In an interview with The Pitt News , he spoke on how much he loved his experience at Pitt.McKay said he believes the show will showcase things about Pittsburgh that most people do not know. He also hopes it will give Pitt students more opportunities to work in Hollywood and make their mark.

Do you know about the release date of The Invisible Pilot Series:

This series will be released on 7 February 2022. Also the series has already released the official synopsis. We will notify you as soon as the series release date is announced. The Invisible Pilot is just one of the many productions that have been filmed in Pittsburgh in recent history. You can view all our blog posts on this subject by clicking here 

McKay’s TV career began when he co-wrote the script for Jay Roach’s dark comedy “Meet The Fockers”. He then wrote and directed the spoof film Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy which starred Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd, David Koechner, and Steve Carell.

Here is the plot of The Invisible Pilot Series;

The series follows the pilot of a small-town community TV station. He has not been seen or heard from in five years since his plane crashed during takeoff. When he returns home, he meets with his wife and daughter who are determined to keep him at a distance while they wait for him to heal. It can be concluded that the show will give an insight into the lives of those who live in areas like Western Pennsylvania and the rest of Appalachia.

The Name of Cast & Characters of The Invisible Pilot:

  • Omar Ayuso
  • Claudia Salas
  • Georgina Amorós
  • Carla Díaz
  • Martina Cariddi
  • Manu Ríos

What inspired you to write The Invisible Pilot Series?

The series is inspired by the invisible pilot phenomenon. The Invisible Pilot is a concept that happens whenever one person becomes lost in the world of virtual space. I had just been to a networking event of content creators when a discussion concerning the phenomenon occurred. I was fascinated by the visible and invisible experiences of life that people face everyday. The Invisible Pilot is about how we deal with randomness, risk, and uncertainty in our lives. It looks at how our lives are lived on both sides of this spectrum and how we react to it all in different ways.

What was your process for writing the books, and how long did it take you to complete?

The process of writing The Invisible Pilot began in early 2016. It took several months to complete the pilot script. The most difficult part about writing The Invisible Pilot was letting go of the fear that my readers may not like it. I have heard a lot of feedback from people telling me what they would like to see from the show and what they would not like to see from the show. 

For a writer, hearing this is not easy because you have to be true to your characters and story, but for me it’s also a learning experience. I want to write something that will cause positive change in people’s lives so every piece of feedback will help in that regard.

What is the inspiration behind the name of this upcoming series?

The inspiration behind the series is not explicitly stated in its title. The name came from my personal experiences as a content creator and storyteller. My process as a writer begins with an idea and evolves into something that seems different than what I originally thought it would be about. I have lived with this circumstance for so long that I like to call it “my invisible pilot.”

Are the characters based on anyone you know, or are they completely fictionalized?

The stories behind the characters and their lives are not based on any real people. However, I do have a lot of input on their personalities that I like to think of as “my invisible pilot.” I did have an experience living with an invisible pilot for my entire time in college.

What areas in Pittsburgh will be featured in this?

The Invisible Pilot will be filmed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania by Adam McKay. The city serves as the backdrop for all the action in the series.  Pittsburgh has been featured in many Hollywood productions including but not limited to Meet The Fockers, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, and Apollo 13.

Will there be any more books in The Invisible Pilot Series, or is this it for now?’

The Invisible Pilot Series is currently made up of five books. There are no plans for any more books at this time. I have had many ideas for future stories, but currently the plan is to see how the TV show does with the release in 2022.I am hoping that audiences take away a better understanding of the invisible pilot phenomenon and how it relates to us as people, both individually and in our relationships with others

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