Moon Knight: Oscar Isaac Confirms Conversations With Marvel


The Moon Knight series has been a long-time coming for Marvel. It’s one of their most underrated and underutilized characters, and with Marvel Studios CEO Kevin Feige confirming that Moon Knight is being discussed as part of the MCU, it’s possible that he could be in the spotlight soon! This post will take you through his early days as a white-suited hero to his most recent comic book run by Warren Ellis. Along the way, we’ll be looking at why he could make an awesome addition to the MCU and what qualities he has that would help him fit into this world seamlessly. The good thing about it is that he could join the likes of Daredevil, Dr. Strange, and Black Widow as a character who Marvel has taken over and run with. The bad news is that with recent reports that he won’t be getting his own Netflix series, we’ll have to wait for him to make an appearance in another show. 

Do you know the release date of the Moon Knight series:

This series will be released on 30 March 2022. Also, the series has been awarded a 6.7 IMDB rating which means it is worth watching. The series will be filmed in Atlanta, GA, and New York City, NY. Reportedly the production will spend about $60 million on the project. Now let’s get back to our topic Moon Knight’. Who is this character? Moon Knight is a Marvel comic book superhero who was created by Doug Moench and Bill Sienkiewicz. Born Marc Spector, he’s an American vigilante and supernatural mercenary who hunts criminals in New York City dressed as a white-and-black suited werewolf/vampire hybrid called “the Moon Knight”.

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Here is the plot of the Moon Knight series discussed:

The plot of the series is about the main protagonist Marc Spector. He lives in New York City and is a victim of multiple personality disorder. The story of the protagonist starts when he returns to his hometown following the death of his father. He decides to take over his father’s role as a Rabbi but soon leaves this profession to become a professional boxer. He eventually joins the US Marine Corps as an officer and meets his future love interest Marlene Alraune. After returning from war, he falls into depression and mental illness, which leads him to create several delusions in which he believes that he is also Khonshu, an ancient Egyptian god of hunting and the moon.

The Name of Cast & Characters of the Moon Knight series:

  • Oscar Isaac 
  • Ethan Hawke 
  • May Calamawy 
  • Michael Benjamin Hernandez 
  • F. Murray

What inspired the director to write the Moon Knight series?

The series is inspired by the Marc Spector character. There was an earlier attempt to make a Moon Knight film with actor Nicolas Cage in the main role. The project was then abandoned and now it has been taken up by Marvel Studios. 

Who are the director’s favorite characters and why?

The favorite characters of the directors are Daredevil, Moon Knight, and Silk. The reason for his favorites is that all three characters inspire nuanced performances. When asked about his favorite character, he said, “I like the character Matt Murdock in Daredevil”.

What are the strengths of a director to write a series? 

The director himself has an unmatched ability to draw complex characters ripping back stories in both subtle and grandiose ways. He can play with transformations and show their vulnerability while maintaining the humanity of their soul.

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What themes does the Moon Knight series explore?

The themes include depression, mental health issues, and racial prejudice. The heroes are always struggling with something and they are flawed human beings. Even though they have superpowers, they are still emotionally fragile. The series explores how society deals with these issues of mental illness and specifically how it deals with the struggles of a person who does not fit into their community because of these mental health issues.

What are the critics saying about the Moon Knight series?

The critics have given the series an overwhelmingly positive response and are praising the potential of the series. They have given it a 6.7/10 rating on IMDB.

Why should you watch the Moon Knight series?

The reason why you should watch this series is that a lot of it is inspired by the character in Marvel comics and a lot of it comes from how far they can push these characters as human beings, not just as superheroes.


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